This Is Desmondo Ray! (2017)

  • Australia
  • Short
  • 2017
7 out of 10


A peculiar man searches for love in a dark and troubling world.


Name Role
Shari Sebbens Clementine Love
Romy Poulier Chelsea Rose
Luisa Prosser Desmondo's Mother
Jack Henry Desmondo's Father
Ruben Francis Ringmaster
Jacqui Story Jane the Mannequin
Jack Kelly The Scary Man
Shaun McCallum Prankster
Craig I'Anson Prankster
Alexander Forero Prankster
Gareth Macready Magician
Jason Campbell-Smith Clown
Michael Bemrose Clown
Kerry-Ann Blewett Talent Lounge Patron
Dan Brumm The Interviewer
Anne-Mari Chemello Talent Lounge Patron
Anthony Christou Talent Lounge Patron
Shaun Connell Talent Lounge Patron
Cameron Dean Mansplain Host
Talia Ivancich Talent Lounge Patron
Adam Kelly Talent Lounge Patron
Christina Regler Mrs. Clock
Wayne Solomon Talent Lounge Patron
Lara Thomas Talent Lounge Patron

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