Angel Tears (2014)

  • United States
  • Short
  • 2014
4 out of 10


Angel Tears, "of joy" is Abstract flowing tear drops to ambient instrumental guitar music. The tears are 3d art moving to music. The animation is created for it's pure aesthetic qualities, both the video 3d animations and the ambient


Name Role
Allen Baughcum Mr. Carter
Farredeh Baughcum Mrs. Carter
Emily Boggs Angel
Jake Boggs Angel
Hailey Campbell 5th Grade Student
Nate L. Campbell 5th Grade Concerned Student
Hannah Classon 10 year old Mia Carter
Katie Crook Teacher 2
Lacie Dukes Cafeteria Bully
Maile Edwards Cafeteria Bully
Alexis Hansen Lunchroom Bully
Victoria Kylie Harris 5th Grade Student
Lilith Ingram Lead Angel
Julie Joyner 5th Grade Student
Levi Keeling 5th Grade Bully
Sydney Keeling Angel
Sydney Labolita 5th Grade Student
Addison LaFountain Self
Angelina Macon 5th Grade Student
Camron Macon 5th Grade Student
Alyssa AnnMarie Marquez 4 year old Mia Carter
Ireland McNew Angel
Piper McNew Angel
Chandler Norris 5th Grade Student
Kaylin Norris Angel
Matthew Norris Angel
Karys Pickens Lead Female Angel
Meredith Prunty Self
J. Dawson Ryan Cafeteria Bully
Sydney Ryan Lunchroom Bully
Caleb Schultz Lead Male Angel
Kyleigh Schultz 5th Grade Lead Bully
M. Lauren Schultz Teacher 1
Paisley Scott Lead Angel
Aubree Southern Angel
Hunter Southern 5th Grade Student
Gretta Stamper Angel
Alexis Starks Angel
Austin Starks Angel
Brynleigh Grace Tarver 2 Week Old Mia
Malana Tatro 5th Grade Student
Ashley Tramonte Self
Amanda Waters Mia Carter
Katie Westmoreland Angel

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