Robo-Dog (2015)

  • USA
  • 87
  • Family
  • 2015
4.4 out of 10


ROBO-DOG is a real-world fantasy film for the whole family. When Tyler's furry best friend dies tragically, his inventor Dad creates a new dog to take his place - complete with mechanical ...


Name Role
Mac Dog / Robo-Dog
Michael Campion Tyler Austin
Patrick Muldoon Tom Austin
Olivia d'Abo Miranda Austin
Wallace Shawn Mr. Willis
Kenny Beaumont Barry Melch
James Arnold Taylor Robo-Dog
Tony Robinette Jerome
Tara McDonald Chloe
Alvin Aki Mr. Sato
Robert Giordano Mr. Snyder
Matthew John Sagapolutele Security Guard #1
Anthony Steven Giordano Security Guard #2
Ed Budd Mayor
Kenny Babel Mr. Johnson
Tracy Wiu Reporter
James Donmoyer News Cameraman
Tammy Budd Concerned Mother
Erin Budd Little Girl
Stefaney Giordano GPS Voice
Charles Frierman Top Scientist
Bryan Murphy Battery Technician
Nicholas Giordano Scientist #1
Rick McDaniel Scientist #2
Ileana 'Blue' Johns Scientist #3
Brad Tremaroli Bar Patron #1
Sara Green Confused Mother
Joey Green Townsperson
Chloe Green Townsperson
Toby Green Townsperson
Alex Budd Townsperson
Nate Budd Townsperson
Phyllis Reindel Epic Industry Patron
Rich Reindell Epic Industry Patron
James Pieta Epic Industry Patron
Shannon Hernandez Epic Industry Patron
Hunter Hernandez Epic Industry Patron
Savannah Hernandez Epic Industry Patron
Todd C. Feren Dog Park Walker
Sara Okan Dog Park Walker
Donn Lamkin Dog Park Walker
Danny Gorman Dog Park Walker
Stephanie Hammond Dog Park Walker
Kelly Giordano Dog Park Walker
Sarah Alexandria Extra
Crystal Barragan Extra
Mary Lee Carter Extra
Bonnie Cobb Extra
Katie Dunn-Rankin Extra
Mary Lou Dunn-Rankin Extra
Steve Heinz Extra
Tracie Turner Jackson Extra
Wendy Klassen Extra
Jeremy Kleckner Extra
Kasity Koehn Extra
Viktoria Kurmisa Extra
Cindy Long Extra
Aaron Maltzman Extra
Bella Maltzman Extra
Ethan Maltzman Extra
Jared Maltzman Extra
Grae Marino Extra
Andrew Marksman Epic Industry Patron
Courteney Miller Extra
Max Ortiz Jr. Extra
Mina Ownlee Extra
Kinley Rice Extra
Jessica Roszko Extra
Kaylee Stark Extra
Amee Suarez Extra
Jackson Tessmer Extra
Samantha Ulrich Extra
Bella Whipple Extra
Alan Zurek Extra
Elijah Zurek Extra
Nikki Zurek Extra

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