Entanglement (2017)

  • Canada
  • 85
  • Comedy
  • 2017
5.9 out of 10


While recovering from a suicide attempt, Ben Layton accidentally falls in love with a girl who was very nearly, almost his sister - and then things start to get weird.


Name Role
Jess Weixler Hanna
Thomas Middleditch Ben
Diana Bang Tabby
Johannah Newmarch Dr. Jill Franklyn
Mackenzie Gray Street Photographer
Eric Keenleyside Norm Layten
Nicole LaPlaca Chloe
BJ Harrison Pharmacist
Marilyn Norry Betty Layten
Randal Edwards Joel
Shauna Johannesen Mystery Woman
Jena Skodje Alexa Bales
Graeme Duffy Clerk
Angelo Renai Pool Security Guard
Michael Bardach Scruffy hobo

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