The Neighbors (2014)

  • United States
  • Comedy
  • 2014
2.9 out of 10


A sitcom about the relationships between a group of people who live in the same apartment building.


Name Role
Tommy Wiseau Ricky Rick
Andrew Buckley Troy
Yenitza Munoz Patricia
Christopher Cooper Don
Charlotte Catherine Barlow Princess Penelope
Karly Kim Philadelphia
Raul Phoenix Tim
Pamelia Bailey Cici
Kevin Russel Roland
Jonathan Freed Ed
Cheyenne Van Zutphen Lula
Suz del Mar Monica
Brian Kong Joe Speilberg
Robert Axelrod Prince George
Alexander Hult Richard
Jennifer Lieberman Marianna
Debbita Deb Crazy Suzy
Morgan McMahon Fidel Castro
Gretel Roenfeldt Bebe
Sam Stone Drake
Brianni Walker Dancer

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