Havenhurst (2016)

  • USA
  • 85
  • Horror
  • 2016
4.8 out of 10


A troubled young woman takes up residence in a gothic apartment building where she must confront a terrifying evil.


Name Role
Julie Benz Jackie / Jamie
Belle Shouse Sarah
Josh Stamberg Tim
Danielle Harris Danielle
Douglas Tait Jed
Matt Lasky Ezra
Dendrie Taylor Tammy
Toby Huss Wayne
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Paula St.clair
Fionnula Flanagan Eleanor
Currie Graham Mike
Carrie Armstrong Jen
Gwen Holloway Alexis
Michael Bach John / Stockbroker
Natasha Goss Heather
Eric Heister Captive
Brian Howe Hal
Jennifer Lafleur Lisa
Theresa Laib Jackie's Daughter
Matt O'Neill Jason
Rigo Obezo Police Officer
Nicole Pedra Diner Customer
Donald Prince Firefighter
Maxie Solters Customer
Scott Vance Officer
Troy Williams Paramedic

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