Schapelle (2014)

  • Australia
  • Drama
  • 2014
5 out of 10


The arrest of Australian Schapelle Corby at Bali airport in 2004 with 4 kg of marijuana. Note that the story line has subsequently been proven to be fiction: the book on which it is based has been subject of record defamation awards.


Name Role
Krew Boylan Schapelle Corby
Vince Colosimo Robin Tampoe
Denise Roberts Rosleigh Corby
Jacinta Stapleton Mercedes Corby
Les Chantery Ron Bakir
Russell Kiefel Malcolm McCauley
Colin Friels Mick Corby
Kenneth Moraleda Winata
Ngoc Phan Lily
Waseem Khan Vasu
Alfred Nicdao Judge Sirait
Agustinus Jogiono Wiswantanu
Liana Cornell Ally
Charlotte Chimes Katrina
Orpheus Pledger James
Francis Greenslade Alexander Downer
Michael Croaker Mick Keelty
David Nicoll Dave
Igusti Budianthika Gelgel
Lexy Bernardo Nyoman
Rachel Yates Eka
Chris Baz John Ford
Martin Grelis AFP Detective
Sophia Emberson-Bain Tattooed Woman
Justin Geange Tourist
Julie Cotterell Brenda
Kunga Tsering Wayan
Athena Lewis-Hart Nyeleigh
Cody Seea Williams Wayan Jr
Leilani Frost Mele
Elise Greig Airline Lawyer
Peita McCulloch Journo 1
Joel Pierce Journo 2
Methasari Dhamayanti Journo 3
Steve Nation Journo 4
Graham Moore Journo 5
Murray Shoring Newsreader
Colin Handley Journo Aus 1
Emma Harrison Journo Aus 2
Angie Diaz Journo Aus 3
Steven Rooke Journo Aus 4
Ann Truong Agung
Karell Andrée Flight Attendant
Sinead Aphrodite News Reporter
Julie Brandt-Richards News Reporter
Nyawuda Chuol Traveller
Erin Connor Kim Moore
Simon Durrell Parliamentary aide
Peter Harvey TV Reporter
Stephanie Kutty Balinese Prisoner
Glenn Long Prison Visitor
Dominique Maber Prisoner
Mike Munro TV Presenter
Timothy Quinlan Federal Police Officer
Cory Sampson Tourist
Whitney Stacey Air Hostess
Karl Stefanovic TV Host
James Storer Media
Lara Thomas Demonstrator / Prisoner
Tennille Thomas Demonstrator / Prisoner

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