Tale of Tales (2015)

  • Italy, France, United Kingdom
  • 134
  • Drama
  • 2015
6.4 out of 10


From the bitter quest of the Queen of Longtrellis, to two mysterious sisters who provoke the passion of a king, to the King of Highhills obsessed with a giant Flea, these tales are inspired by the fairytales by Giambattista Basile.


Name Role
Salma Hayek Queen of Longtrellis
Vincent Cassel King of Strongcliff
Toby Jones King of Highhills
John C. Reilly King of Longtrellis
Shirley Henderson Imma
Hayley Carmichael Dora
Bebe Cave Violet
Stacy Martin Young Dora
Christian Lees Elias
Jonah Lees Jonah
Laura Pizzirani Jonah's Mother
Franco Pistoni Necromancer
Jessie Cave Fenizia
Michael Martini 1st Circus Boy
Alessandro Campagna 2nd Circus Boy
Lorenzo Bernardi Contortionist
Giselda Volodi Lady-in-Waiting #1
Giuseppina Cervizzi Lady-in-Waiting #2
Luisa Ragusa Lady-in-Waiting #3
Giovanni Calcagno Court Knight
Stefano Strufaldi Court Cardinal
Giuseppe Carnemolla Court Astrologer
Diego Parenti Baby Elias
Gherardo Toccafondi Baby Elias
Lorenzo Mastronardi Baby Jonah
Paolo Risi Court Jester #1
Giuliano del Taglia Court Jester #2
Elisabetta La Padula Court Jester #3
Kathryn Hunter Witch
Ryan McParland Lackey
Kenneth Collard Knife Sharpener
Renato Scarpa Barber
Guenda Goria 1st Maid of Honour
Catrinel Marlon 2nd Maid of Honour
Talita Bartoli Courtesan #1
Cristiana Vaccaro Courtesan #2
Elizabeth Kinnear Courtesan #3
Andrea Rodriguez Courtesan #4
Sabrina La Torre Courtesan #5
Guillaume Delaunay Ogre
Eric MacLennan Doctor
Nicola Sloane Violet's Handmaiden
Davide Campagna Circus Performer #1
Giulio Beranek Circus Performer #2
Vincenzo Nemolato Circus Performer #3
Martina Laticignola Young Violet
Andrea Loreni Tightrope Walker
Vincenzo Pellegrini Suitor #1
Francesco Lomascolo Suitor #2
Maxence Dinant Suitor #3
Alba Rohrwacher Mother Circus Performer
Massimo Ceccherini Father Circus Performer
Tomas Pustina
Tiziana Buldini Dead Queen of Longtrellis
Grazia Daddario Paggio

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