71st Golden Globe Awards (2014)

  • United States
  • News
  • 2014
7.2 out of 10


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 71 annual event honoring excellence in film and television.


Name Role
Tina Fey Self - Host
Amy Poehler Self - Host & Winner
Jennifer Lawrence Self - Winner & Presenter
Jacqueline Bisset Self - Winner
Elisabeth Moss Self - Winner
Bryan Cranston Self - Winner
Alex Ebert Self - Winner
Alex Heffes Self - Nominee
Steven Price Self - Nominated: Best Original Score
John Williams Self - Nominee
Hans Zimmer Self - Nominee
Chris Martin Self - Nominee
Guy Berryman Self - Nominee
Jon Buckland Self - Nominee
Will Champion Self - Nominee
Kristen Anderson-Lopez Self - Nominee
Robert Lopez Self - Nominee
Bono Self - Winner
The Edge Self - Winner
Adam Clayton Self - Winner
Larry Mullen Jr. Self - Winner
Danger Mouse Self - Winner
Ed Rush Self - Nominee
George Cromarty Self - Nominee
T Bone Burnett Self - Nominee
Justin Timberlake Self - Nominee
Joel Coen Self - Nominee
Ethan Coen Self - Nominee
Taylor Swift Self - Nominee
Jack Antonoff Self - Nominee
Jon Voight Self - Winner
Amy Adams Self - Winner
Lizzy Caplan Self - Presenter
Robin Wright Self - Winner
Jared Leto Self - Winner
Spike Jonze Self - Winner
Bob Nelson Self - Nominee
Jeff Pope Self - Nominee
Steve Coogan Self - Nominee & Presenter
John Ridley Self - Nominee
Eric Warren Singer Self - Nominee
David O. Russell Self - Nominee
Mayim Bialik Self - Presenter
Andy Samberg Self - Winner
Michael Douglas Self - Winner
Woody Allen
Alfonso Cuarón Self - Winner
Leonardo DiCaprio Self - Winner & Presenter
Cate Blanchett Self - Winner
Matthew McConaughey Self - Winner
Barkhad Abdi Self - Nominee
Ben Affleck Self - Presenter
Kevin Bacon Self - Presenter
Sosie Bacon Self - Miss Golden Globe
Drew Barrymore Self - Presenter
Jason Bateman Self - Nominee
Kate Beckinsale Self - Presenter
Orlando Bloom Self - Presenter
Julie Bowen Self - Presenter
Daniel Brühl Self - Nominee
Chris Buck Self - Accepting Award
Sandra Bullock Self - Nominee & Presenter
Jim Carrey Self - Presenter
Josh Charles Self - Nominee
Jessica Chastain Self - Presenter
Don Cheadle Self - Nominee
Emilia Clarke Self - Presenter
Sean 'Diddy' Combs Self - Presenter
Bradley Cooper Self - Nominee
Matt Damon Self - Nominee & Presenter
Julie Delpy Self - Nominee
Johnny Depp Self - Presenter
Bruce Dern Self - Nominee
Laura Dern Self - Presenter
Zooey Deschanel Self - Nominee
Robert Downey Jr. Self - Presenter
Lena Dunham Self - Nominee
Aaron Eckhart Self - Presenter
Chiwetel Ejiofor Self - Nominee
Idris Elba Self - Nominee
Megan Ellison Self
Chris Evans Self - Presenter
Edie Falco Self - Nominee
Jimmy Fallon Self - Presenter
Colin Farrell Self - Presenter
Michael Fassbender Self - Nominee
Rebecca Ferguson Self - Nominee
Michael J. Fox Self - Nominee
Greta Gerwig Self - Nominee
Vince Gilligan Self - Winner
Nicola Giuliano Self - Winner
Dan Goor Self - Winner
Paul Greengrass Self - Nominee
Tom Hanks Self - Nominee & Presenter
Sally Hawkins Self - Nominee
Amber Heard Self - Presenter
Chris Hemsworth Self - Presenter
Jonah Hill Self - Presenter
Oscar Isaac Self - Nominee
Diane Keaton Self - Presenter
Theo Kingma Self - HFPA President
Taylor Kinney Self - Presenter
Mila Kunis Self - Presenter
Jessica Lange Self - Nominee
Niki Lauda Self - Presenter
Jennifer Lee Self
Philomena Lee Self - Presenter
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Self - Nominee
Rob Lowe Self - Nominee
Julianna Margulies Self - Nominee
Tatiana Maslany Self - Nominee
Melissa McCarthy Self - Presenter
Steve McQueen Self - Nominee & Accepting Award for Best Motion Picture - Drama
Janet McTeer Self - Nominee
Seth Meyers Self - Presenter
Helen Mirren Self - Nominee
Liam Neeson Self - Presenter
Lupita Nyong'o Self - Nominee
Chris O'Donnell Self - Presenter
Hayden Panettiere Self - Nominee
Jim Parsons Self - Nominee
Paula Patton Self - Presenter
Aaron Paul Self - Nominee
Alexander Payne Self - Nominee
Joaquin Phoenix Self - Nominee
Chris Pine Self - Presenter
Monica Potter Self - Nominee
Robert Redford Self - Nominee
Margot Robbie Self - Presenter
Julia Roberts Self - Nominee
Charles Roven Self
Mark Ruffalo Self - Presenter
Zoe Saldana Self - Presenter
Taylor Schilling Self - Nominee
Liev Schreiber Self - Nominee
Kyra Sedgwick Self - Presenter
Michael Sheen Self - Nominee
Paolo Sorrentino Self - Winner
Kevin Spacey Self - Nominee
Jesse Spencer Self - Presenter
June Squibb Self - Nominee
Corey Stoll Self - Nominee
Emma Stone Self - Presenter
Meryl Streep Self - Nominee
Richard Suckle Self - Accepting Award for Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical
Channing Tatum Self - Presenter
Emma Thompson Self - Presenter & Nominee
Uma Thurman Self - Presenter
Usher Self - Presenter
Sofía Vergara Self - Nominee
Dimitri Vorontsov Self
Christoph Waltz Self - Presenter
Kerry Washington Self - Nominee
Emma Watson Self - Presenter
Naomi Watts Self - Presenter
Jerry Weintraub Self - Winner
Olivia Wilde Self - Presenter
Reese Witherspoon Self - Presenter

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