My Dear Uncle (2013)

  • United Kingdom
  • Drama
  • 2013
7.3 out of 10


A youngman's journey to stay with his Uncle for a year shapes his and his friend's destinies for ever.


Name Role
Shiraz Khan Major Pratab Singh
Rishi Nair Vijay Malhotra
Leila Kotori Jennifer Riley
Miguel Alves-Khan Hamzah Khan
Jerry Anderson Harold Whitaker
Gregory Cathcart Thomas Riley
Amy Renee Susan Templeton
Nigel Genis Commander Vladamir
Dan Kreeger Colonel Vladmir
Leon Corbin Jimmy Young
Zaff Malik Vijay Malhotra (Older)
Inna Bagoli Maria Abrahamovsky
Chandru Bhojwani Ravi Chopra
Alida Pantone Stasia Abrami

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