Senior Project (2014)

  • United States
  • 85
  • Comedy
  • 2014
5.4 out of 10


The new kid at school must bond with his new classmates for a senior project in order to graduate, but will they find out the secret he's hiding.


Name Role
Ryan Potter Peter
Vanessa Marano Sam
Meaghan Martin Natalia
Kyle Massey Andy
Sterling Beaumon Spencer
Margaret Cho Ms. Ghetty
Lisa Di Venuta Party girl
Leonel Claude Fashion show goer
John Colton Henry Grace
Melissa Dawn Johnson Background Talent
Michael Krawic Victor Von Schneidelberg
Lana McKissack Jill
Tatiana Mclane High School Student
Mackenzie Parker Partygoer
Mark Sutton Drunk Dude
Timothy Tau Teacher
Lynn Telzer Jennifer
Yissendy Trinidad Party Girl
Doris Jung Usui Eva
Katalina Viteri Tiffany
Katherine Vo Heather
Krystie Castro Partygoer
Tal Genavia High School Student
Nancy Tran Student

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