The Benefactor (2015)

  • United States
  • 93
  • Drama
  • 2015
5.1 out of 10


A philanthropist meddles in the lives of newly-married couples in an attempt to relive his past.


Name Role
Richard Gere Franny
Dylan Baker Bobby
Cheryl Hines Mia
Dakota Fanning Olivia
Theo James Luke
Brian Anthony Wilson Jesse
Justin Goncalves Javier
Dennisha Pratt Sharon
Matthew Daisher Toby
Michael Daisher Toby
Roy James Wilson Charlie
Clarke Peters Dr. Romano
Robert Kelly Older Man
Jeffrey Cousar Clerk
Matt Myers Bathroom Attendant
Edward Rendell Mayor
Lyssa Roberts Molly
Erica Cho Doctor
Garrett Ching Security Guard
Jayson Ward Williams Resident
Terez Land Featured Bus Passenger
Kayla Anthony Couple
Erica Lynne Arden Sexy Shot Girl
Marc Bicking Doctor
Ian Bonner Cliff
Gregory M. Brown Friend of Franny
Kelly Buterbaugh Shot Girl
Marko Caka Party Guest
Barbara Edwards Party Woman
Michele Everwine Shot Girl
Evan Fenster Child Patient
Sonya Giddings Partier
Lynn Golden Gala Benefit Attendee
Shawn Gonzalez Waiter
Laura Hart Molly's Friend #1
Andrea Havens Franny's Wealthy Friend
Giovanna Labozzetta Extra
Dennis Lauricella Emergency Room Patient
Derrick T. Lewis Bouncer
Julian W. Lucas Luke's Friend
Jaclyn McHugh Benefit Attendee
Brittany McKeithan Party Girl
Yesenia Mercado Sexy Shot Girl Dancer 2
Lavonne Nichols Emergency Room Patient
Rory Ogden Child playing
Mihir Pathak E.R. Doctor
Megan Rose Waitstaff
Nola Sanginiti Banquet Guest
Michelle Santiago Partier
Ryan Shank Bartender
Heather Soellner Server
Kimberly Villanova Maternity nurse
Deidre Washington Dr. Romano's Wife
Amanda Wilson Partier / Bachelorette Party

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