The Horror Network Vol. 1 (2015)

  • United States
  • 97
  • Horror
  • 2015
5.2 out of 10


In the tradition of "Creepshow", "Tales From the Crypt", "Tales From the Darkside", and "Trilogy of Terror" comes 5 horrific stories in the ultimate horror anthology.


Name Role
Charlotte Armstrong Georgia (segment "3 A.M.")
Rachel Groom Izzy (segment "3 A.M.")
Artem Mishin Dr. Aleksey (segment "Edward")
Nick Frangione Hal (segment "Edward")
Premstar Santana Mother (segment "Edward")
Annabella Siordia Christina (segment "Edward")
Jenni-Lea Finch Alice (segment "The Quiet")
Nigel Long Man (segment "The Quiet")
Sarah Buckland Mum (segment "The Quiet")
Dan Gaisford Police Officer (segment "The Quiet")
Abbie Merritt Bus Passenger (segment "The Quiet")
Ziggy Cole Bus Passenger (segment "The Quiet")
Jacob Pemper Bus Passenger (segment "The Quiet")
Tom Baxendine Bus Passenger (segment "The Quiet")
Grace Baxendine Bus Passenger (segment "The Quiet")
Katie Merritt Bus Passenger (segment "The Quiet")
Macarena Gómez Christina (segment "Merry Little Christmas")
Blanca Rivera Lola (segment "Merry Little Christmas")
Jan Cornet Miguel (segment "Merry Little Christmas")
Jacob Torres Padre (segment "Merry Little Christmas")
Javier Botet Demonio (segment "Merry Little Christmas")
Brian Dorton The Deviant One (segment "The Deviant One")
Brad Anderson The Victim (segment "The Deviant One")
Bella Dog (segment "The Deviant One")

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