The Night Before Easter (2014)

  • United States
  • 65
  • Horror
  • 2014
4 out of 10


A group of friends are stalked in a storage facility the night before Easter by an axe wielding lunatic in an Easter Bunny costume.


Name Role
April Sinclair Elisabeth
Emily Chidalek Kelly
Alyssa Matusiak Brooke
Bonnie Marilyn Jean Melissa
Eric Wyatt Riley
Keldon Flint Dante
Michael Seragon Kyle
Gemma Hardy Darcy
Chelsea Regina Nan
Madeleine Hicks Jess
Jason Gonzales Derek
Barbra Prince Bates
Nathan Johnson Mark
Rick James Willis Brad
Joseph Henson The Ghoul
Ava Monger Little Girl
Sean Henson Little Boy
Joe Foley Alex Sykes (Photo)
Lesleh Donaldson Janice Sykes (Photo)
Justin Kerswell Author (Photo)
Erik Threlfall TV Personality (Voice)
John Daker Self

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