Q&A (2008)

  • Australia
  • 57
  • Talk-Show
  • 2008
7.1 out of 10


A panel of experts and politicians answer questions from the live studio audience and from viewers.


Name Role
Tony Jones Self - Host
Christopher Pyne Self - Panellist
Barnaby Joyce Self - Panellist
George Brandis Self - Panellist
Greg Sheridan Self - Panellist
Joe Hockey Self - Panellist
Greg Hunt Self - Panellist
Judith Sloan Self - Panellist, Economist and Businesswoman
Josh Frydenberg Self - Panellist
Janet Albrechtsen Self - Panellist
Julie Bishop Self - Panellist
Kelly O'Dwyer Self - Panellist
Sophie Mirabella Self - Panellist
Amanda Vanstone Self - Panellist
Grahame Morris Self - Panellist
Jacqui Lambie Self - Panellist
Tim Wilson Self - Panellist, Director at the Institute of Public Affairs
Tony Abbott Self - Panellist
Eric Abetz Self - Panellist
Clive Palmer Self - Panellist
Nick Minchin Self - Panellist
John Roskam Self - Panellist
Bob Katter Self - Panellist
James Paterson Self - Panellist, Editor at the Institute of Public Affairs
Piers Akerman Self - Panellist
Scott Morrison Self - Panellist
Fiona Nash Self - Panellist
Simon Birmingham Self - Panellist, Minister for Education
Alan Jones Self - Panellist
Tom Switzer Self - Panellist
Helen Coonan Self - Panellist
Cory Bernardi Self - Panellist
John Hewson Self - Panellist
Peter Dutton Self - Panellist
Paul Kelly Self - Panellist
Joe Hildebrand Self - Panellist
Holly Ransom Self - Panellist
Steven Ciobo Self - Panellist
Mitch Fifield Self - Panellist, Minister for Communications
Kerry Chikarovski Self - Panellist, Former Leader of the NSW Liberal Party
Sharman Stone Self - Panellist
John Elliott Self - Panellist, Former Liberal Party President
Jennifer Hewett Self - Panellist
Craig Emerson Self - Panelist
Lydia Khalil Self - Panellist
Brendan O'Neill Self - Panellist
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells Self - Panellist
Brian Schmidt Self - Panellist
Germaine Greer Self - Panelist
Tim Fischer Self - Panellist
Arthur Sinodinos Self - Panellist
Rowan Dean Self - Panellist
Christian Porter Self - Panellist
Matt Canavan Self - Panellist, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia
Bridget McKenzie Self - Panellist, National Party Senator for Victoria
Warren Mundine Self - Panellist, CEO NTS Corporation
Miriam Lyons Self - Panelist
Kevin Rudd Self - Panelist
Pru Goward Self - Panelist
Rebecca Weisser Self - Panellist, Opinion Editor for The Australian
Faustina Agolley Self - Guest Panelist
Sue Cato Self - Panellist, Spin Doctor
Melinda Tankard Reist Self - Panellist
Arjay Martin Self - in Audience Questioner
Chris Lehmann Self - Audience Member
Malcolm Turnbull Self - Panellist, Former Leader of the Opposition
Peter Garrett Self - Panelist
Nicola Roxon Self - Panelist
Jim Molan Self - Panellist, Former Commander of the Australian Defence Colleges
Peter Reith Self - Panellist, Former Minister for Workplace Relations and Defence
Kate Ellis Self - Panelist
Chris Evans Self - Panelist
Kate Lundy Self - Panelist
Jamie Briggs Self - Panellist
Lawrence Krauss Self - Panelist
Mark Latham Self - Panellist
Simon Breheny Self - Panellist, Institute of Public Affairs
John Stackhouse Self - Panellist, Christian Scholar
Innes Willox Self - Panellist
Sussan Ley Self - Panellist
Grace Collier Self - Panellist
Zed Seselja Self - Panellist, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs
Angus Taylor Self - Minister for Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity
Bronwyn Bishop Self - Panellist
Bob Brown Self - Panelist
Andrew Bolt Self - Panellist, Herald Sun Columnist
Peter Costello Self - Panellist
Alexander Downer Self - Panellist
Tanya Plibersek Self - Panelist
P.J. O'Rourke Self - Panellist
Jonathan Biggins Self - Panelist
Jessica Brown Self - Panellist
Peter Cosgrove Self - Panelist
Mitchell Grady Self - Panellist
Bettina Arndt Self - Panellist
Warren Truss Self - Panellist
Jeff Bleich Self - Panelist
Colin Barnett Self - Panellist
Richard Dawkins Self - Panelist
Julia Gillard Self - Panelist
Paul Grabowsky Self - Panelist
Rebecca Huntley Self - Panelist
Lindsay Tanner Self - Panelist
Miranda Devine Self - Panellist
Chris Kenny Self - Panellist
Stephen O'Doherty Self - Panellist
Mathias Cormann Self - Panellist
Caroline Overington Self - Panellist
Ruslan Kogan Self - Panellist, Internet Entrepreneur
Gerard Henderson Self - Panellist
Jackie Kelly Self - Panellist, Former Howard Government Minister
Mark Steyn Self - Panelist
Mark Carnegie Self - Panellist
Eva Cox Self - Panelist
A.C. Grayling Self - Panelist
Alannah MacTiernan Self - Panelist
Robert Manne Self - Panelist
Tara Moss Self - Panelist
Jianying Zha Self - Panelist
Edwin Nelson Self - Audience Member
Elizabeth Proust Self - Panelist
Mark Coleridge Self - Panellist, Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane
Fred Nile Self - Panellist, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party
Michael Stutchbury Self - Panellist, Editor-In-Chief of the Australian Financial Review
Nick Cater Self - Panellist
Viv Benjamin Self - Panelist
Corinne Grant Self - Panelist
Brigid Meney Self - Audience Member
Sarah Henderson Self - Panellist, Local Liberal MP
Andrew Neil Self - Panellist
Kim Williams Self - Panellist, Author and Former Media Executive
Michael Keenan Self - Panellist
Philip Ruddock Self - Panellist
James Allan Self - Panellist, Queensland University Professor of Law
Sarrah Le Marquand Self - Panellist
Christine Forster Self - Panellist, City of Sydney Councillor
Michaelia Cash Self
Dai Le Self - Panellist
Pauline Hanson Self - Panellist
Fiona Simson Self - Panellist, National Farmers' Federation
Helen Andrews Self - Panellist, Policy Analyst at the Centre for Independent Studies
Georgina Downer Self
Peter Kurti Self - Panellist, Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies
Lyle Shelton Self - Panellist, Australian Christian Lobby
Sam Aragone Self - Audience Member
Dan Tehan Self - Panellist, Minister for Social Services
Alan Tudge Self - Panellist
Linda Reynolds Self - Panellist, WA Liberal Senator
Gigi Foster Self - Panellist, Economist
Nick Adams Self - Panellist
Tim Blair Self - Panellist, Columnist and Blogger
Angela Conway Self - Panellist, National Research Officer and Spokesperson for the Australian Family Association
Stephen Crittenden Self - Panelist
Margaret Fitzherbert Self - Panellist
Christine Jackman Self - Panellist
Angela Shanahan Self - Panellist
Peter Archibald Self - Audience Member
Andrew Boe Self - Panellist, Criminal Lawyer
Jonty Bush Self - Panelist
Leslie Cannold Self - Panelist
Kate Carnell Self - Panellist, Former Liberal Chief Minister of the ACT
Rachel Fry Self - Panellist
Bill Heffernan Self - Panellist, Former Parliamentary Secretary to Cabinet
Anne Henderson Self - Panellist
Christopher Hitchens Self - Panellist
Peter Holmes à Court Self - Panellist, Businessman
Sabrina Houssami Self - Panelist
Anthony LaPaglia Self - Panellist
Isaac Levido Self - Audience Member
Megan Lloyd Self - Panellist
Tania Major Self - Panelist
Brendan Nelson Self - Panellist, Former Liberal Leader
Morris Rapaport Self - Audience Member
Tony Smith Self - Panellist
Nikki Williams Self - Panellist
Fiona Wood Self - Panelist
Valerie Amos Self - Panelist
Chris Berg Self - Panellist, Free Marketeer and Columnist
David John Clark Self - Audience Member
Alison Creagh Self - Panellist
Brenda Croft Self - Panelist
Satyajit Das Self - Panelist
Calum Davis Self - Audience Member
John Doyle Self - Panelist
Steve Fielding Self - Panellist
Andrew Forrest Self - Panellist
Malcolm Fraser Self - Panellist, Former Prime Minister
John Howard Self - Panellist, Former Prime Minister
John Keane Self - Panellist
Kaiser Kuo Self - Panellist
Geoff Lawson Self - Panellist
Matthew Lesh Self - Audience Member
Christopher Ma Self - Audience Member
Jennifer Marohasy Self - Panellist
Jacqueline Ninio Self - Panelist
Shimrit Nothman Self - Panellist
Eddie Perfect Self - Panelist
Lionel Shriver Self - Panellist
Lenore Skenazy Self - Panellist
Ariella Webb Self - Audience Member
Angela Bishop Self - Panellist
Luke Bowen Self - Panellist
Eliza Brown Self - Panellist
Jacqueline Grey Self - Panellist
Howard Jacobson Self - Panellist
Neil James Self - Panellist, Executive Director of the Australia Defence Association
Matina Jewell Self - Panellist, Former Australian Army Major
Malalai Joya Self - Panellist
Gail Kelly Self - Panellist
Melanie Kerrison Self - Panellist
John Lennox Self - Panellist
Ian Nelson Self - Panellist, State Director of Queensland One Nation
Daniel Pipes Self - Panellist
Cristina Rad Self - Panellist
Austen Tayshus Self - Panellist
David Tollner Self - Panellist
Jim Wallace Self - Panellist, Head of the Australian Christian Lobby
Slavoj Zizek Self - Panellist
John Alexander Self - Panellist, Member for Bennelong
Angry Anderson Self - Panellist, Singer Rose Tattoo
Kwame Anthony Appiah Self - Panelist
Samuel Aragone Self - Audience Member
Richard Armitage Self - Audience Member
Leon Ashby Self - Audience Member
Sefi Atta Self - Panelist
Peter Beattie Self - Panelist
Jesse Bering Self - Panelist
George Bilic Self - Audience Member
Phillip Blond Self - Panelist, Author Red Tory
Minna Bondal Self - Audience Member
Mark Bouris Self - Panellist, Businessman
Billy Bragg Self - Panelist
Jane Bussmann Self - Panelist
Simon Callow Self - Panelist
Glenn Carle Self - Panelist
Nahji Chu Self - Panelist
Natasha Cica Self - Panelist
Nicoletta Ciffolilli Self - Audience Member
Megan Clark Self - Panelist
Julie Collins Self - Panelist
Tim Costello Self - Panelist
Annabel Crabb Self - Panelist
Peter Craven Self - Panellist
Simon Crean Self - Panelist
Bob Cronin Self - Panellist, Editor in Chief The West Australian
Andrew Cusack Self - Audience Member
Robyn Davidson Self - Panelist
Thierry de Duve Self - Panelist
Vince del Gallego Self - Audience Member
Mitch Dudley Self - Audience Member
Terry Edwards Self - Panellist, Forest Industry Association
David Elsing Self - Audience Member
Jeffrey Eugenides Self - Panelist
Richard Ford Self - Panelist
Catherine Fox Self - Panelist
Tim Freedman Self - Panelist
Steve Gamble Self - Audience Member
Masha Gessen Self - Panelist
Mick Gooda Self - Panelist
Shane Gould Self - Panelist
Craig Gross Self - Panellist, Author and Speaker
Daniel Hannan Self - Panellist, Conservative Euro MP
Lachlan Harris Self - Panelist
Lenny Henry Self - Panelist
Sekai Holland Self - Panelist
Virginia Hookham Self - Audience Member
Warwick Howard Self - Audience Member
Christa Hughes Self - Panelist
Barry Humphries Self - Panellist, Australian Writer, Satirist and Actor
Peter Jensen Self - Panellist, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney
Samantha Jreissati Self - Audience Member
Anna Krien Self - Panelist
Helen Kroger Self - Panellist, Chief Opposition Whip in the Senate
Simon Laham Self - Panelist
Juris Laucis Self - Audience Member
John Lee Self - Panellist, China-Watching Academic
Kathy Lette Self Panelist
Liz Ann Macgregor Self - Panelist
Shiv Malik Self - Panelist
Jeremy Marou Self - Panelist
Michael McKenna Self - Audience Member
Kate Miller-Heidke Self - Panelist
Chris Moody Self - Audience Member
Diana Nguyen Self - Panelist
Mandy Nolan Self - Panelist
Katie Noonan Self - Panelist
Tracy Norris Self - Audience Member
Michael O'Brien Self - Panellist, Farmer of the Year 2009
Ilan Pappe Self - Panelist
George Pell Self - Panelist
Elliot Perlman Self - Panelist
Len Radomsky Self - Audience Member
Toby Ralph Self - Panellist, Marketing Strategist
Greg Read Self - Audience Member
Heather Ridout Self - Panelist
Brian Ritchie Self - Panelist
Archie Roach Self - Panelist
Geoffrey Robertson Self - Panelist
Mikey Robins Self - Panelist
Randy Rose Self - Audience Member
Louise Sauvage Self - Panelist
Nitin Sawhney Self - Panelist
Jason Silva Self - Panelist
Dave Simpson Self - Audience Member
Peter Singer Self - Panelist
Georgie Somerset Self - Panellist, Queensland Rural Women's Network
Michael Spence Self - Panellist
Pamela Stephenson Self - Panelist
Natasha Stott Despoja Self - Panelist
Nilaja Sun Self - Panelist
Victor Victor Self - Panelist
Irving Wallach Self - Panellist, Barrister
Peter Walsh Self - Former Minister for Finance
Jacki Weaver Self - Panelist
Adam Wellisch Self - Audience Member
John Whiteing Self - Audience Member
Stella Young Self - Panelist
Mohamad Abdalla Self - Panelist
Dick Adams Self - Panelist
Shahzad Akbar Self - Panelist
Haifaa Al-Mansour Self - Panelist
Dewi Fortuna Anwar Self - Panelist
Emily Baird Self - Audience Member
Paul Baram Self - Audience Member
David Beaver Self - Audience Member
Rachel Botsman Self - Panelist
David Bradbury Self - Panelist
Graham Bradley Self - Panelist
Kurt Campbell Self - Panelist
Shoma Chaudhury Self - Panelist
Deborah Cheetham Self - Panelist
John Chiarotto Self - Audience Member
Deborah Conway Self - Panelist
Jeremy Cordeaux Self - Panelist
Robina Courtin Self - Panelist
Joshua Crawford Self - Audience Member
Faramerz Dabhoiwala Self - Panelist
William Dalrymple Self - Panelist
Swapan Dasgupta Self - Panelist
Jan Davis Self - Panellist, Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
John Dickson Self - Panellist, Centre for Public Christianity
Rafendi Djamin Self - Panelist
Trish Ellis Self - Audience Member
Arthur Escamilla Self - Audience Member
Adrian Falleiro Self - Audience Member
David Feeney Self - Panelist
Tim Ferguson Self - Panelist
Brendon Gale Self - Panelist
Bill Gates Self - Guest
Beth Hewitt Self - Audience Member
Peter Hitchens Self - Panelist
Ryan Hollingsworth Self - Audience Member
Mitch Hooke Self - Panellist
Yuli Ismartono Self - Panelist
Lally Katz Self - Panelist
John Kendall Self - Audience Member
David Knox Self - Panelist
Michael Kroger Self - Panellist, Former President Victorian Liberal Party
Neil Lawrence Self - Panelist
Bill Leak Self - Panellist, Editorial Cartoonist
Bek Leys Self - Audience Member
Tim Lindsey Self - Panelist
Xiaopeng Luo Self - Panelist
Stuart MacGill Self - Panelist
Brooke Magnanti Self - Panelist
Andrea Mason Self - Panellist
Bill McKibben Self - Panelist
Jeff McMullen Self - Panelist
George Megalogenis Self - Panelist
Rhys Muldoon Self - Panelist
Sylvia Nasar Self - Panelist
Tim Nicholls Self - Panellist, Queensland Treasurer
Henry Norris Self - Audience Member
Brendan O'Connor Self - Panelist
Cindy Pan Self - Panelist
Rob Paparde Self - Audience Member
Ian Parkin Self - Audience Member
Ben Riley Self - Audience Member
Gene Robinson
Hanna Rosin Self - Panelist
Todd Sampson Self - Panelist
Dan Savage Self - Panelist
Carol Schwartz Self - Panelist
Dean Shachar Self - Audience Member
Pallavi Sharda Self - Panelist
Peter Shergold Self - Panellist, Chancellor University of Western Sydney
Bill Shorten Self
Stephen Smith Self - Panelist
Vince Sorrenti Self - Panelist
Ahdaf Soueif Self - Panelist
Fiona Stanley Self - Panelist
Andy Stuart Self - Audience Member
Yulia Supadmo Self - Panelist
Meidyatama Suryodiningrat Self - Panelist
David Suzuki Environmental Scientist and Campaigner
John Symond Self - Panelist
Karan Thapar Self - Panelist
Shashi Tharoor Self - Panelist
Carol Trewick Self - Audience Member
Kevin Uren Self - Audience Member
Yenny Wahid Self - Panelist
Martha Wainwright Self - Panelist
Sally Warhaft Self - Panelist
Tom Watson Self - Panelist
Ruby Wax Self - Panelist
Pamela Williams Self - Panellist, The Australian Financial Review's Editor-at-large
David Williamson Self - Panelist
James Wilson Self - Audience Member
Wendy Wilson Self - Audience Member
Christopher Witt Self - Audience Member
Betty Churcher Self - Panellist, Former National Gallery Director
Peter Coleman Self - Panellist, Former New South Wales Liberal Leader
Rhonda Cornum Self - Panellist
Lindsay Fox Self - Panellist, Transport Magnate
Timothy Hawkes Self - Panellist
Kay Hymowitz Self - Panellist
Colleen King Self - Audience Member
Christine Lagarde Self - Panellist
Darryn Lyons Self - Panellist, Mayor of Geelong
Sharri Markson Self - Panellist
Eddie McGuire Self - Panellist, Football and Media Icon
Sue Morphet Self - Panellist
Stuart Robert Self - Panellist
Tony Shepherd Self - Panellist
David Suchet Self - Panellist
Amanda Voets Self - Audience Member
Paul Antonio Self - Panellist
Tina Arena
Bill Bisset Self - Audience Member
Ron Boswell Self - Panellist, Former Senate Leader for the National Party
Geraldine Brooks Self - Panellist, Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist
Tim Cartwright Self - Panellist
Rob Cook Self - Panellist
Jack Degan Self - Audience Member
Martin Duffy Self - Audience Member
Katy Faust Self - Panellist
Michael Fuller Self - Panellist, NSW Assistant Police Commissioner
Bates Gill Self - Head of the US Studies Centre
Karen Hitchcock Self - Panellist
Jan Hurn Self - Audience Member
Vrasidas Karalis Self - Panellist
Holly Kramer Self - Panellist
Christophe Lecourtier Self - Panellist
Catherine Livingstone Self - Panellist, President of the Business Council of Australia
John Madigan Self - Panellist
Su McCluskey Self - Panellist
Andrew Robb Self - Panellist
Simon Santosha Self - Panellist
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Self - Panellist, Women's Rights Activist
Eldad Beck Self - Panellist
Bruce Billson Self - Panellist, Former Minister for Small Business
Theodore Dalrymple Self - Panellist
David Doherty Self - Audience Member
Robert East Self - Audience Member
Gordian Fulde Self - Panellist, 2016 Senior Australian of the Year
Emma Germano Self - Panellist, General Manager of I Love Farms
John Haldane Self - Panellist, Notre Dame University
Lynda Hall Self - Audience Member
Ewen Jones Self - Panellist
Colin Middleton Self - Audience Member
Chris Mitchell Self - Panellist, Former Editor-In-Chief of The Australian
Neil Mitchell Self - Panellist
Steve Price Self - Panellist, Broadcaster
Malcolm Roberts Self - Panellist, One Nation Party Senator for Queensland
Wyatt Roy Self - Panellist
Robbie Sefton Self - Panellist
Peter Sonners Self - Audience Member
Cella White Self - Audience Member
Nathalie Blanket Self - Audience Member
Daisy Cousens Self - Panellist, Research Fellow at the Menzies Research Centre
Glenn Davies Self - Panellist, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney
Mark Day Self - Panellist, The Australian
Mei Fong Self - Panellist, Journalist and Writer
Alex Hawke Self - Panellist, Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
Michael Jensen Self - Panellist, Theologian and Author
Ted Lapkin Self - Panellist, Former Abbott Government Adviser
David Leyonhjelm Self - Panellist, Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW
Arthur Lith Self - Audience Member
Nicole Luk Self - Audience Member
Jock Maddern Self - Panellist, Kaniva College
James McGrath Self - Panellist, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister
Lauren McGrath-Wild Self - Panellist, Presbyterian Ladies' College Sydney
Marianne O'Connell Self - Audience Member
Karina Okotel Self - Panellist, No Campaign Spokesperson
Sandra Peter Self - Panellist, Director of Sydney Business Insights
Jacinta Price Self - Panellist, Alice Springs Councillor
Scott Ryan Self - Special Minister of State
Nigel Scullion Self - Panellist, Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Rosemary Sinclair Self - Panellist, CEO of Energy Consumers Australia
Margaret Somerville Self - Panellist, Professor of Bioethics
Bret Stephens Self - Panellist, Author and Journalist
Michael Sukkar Self - Panellist, Assistant Minister to the Treasurer
Mikhail Zygar Self - Panellist, Russian Journalist and Writer
Jack Abadee Self - Audience Member
James Bartholomew Self - Panellist, Author and Columnist
Stuart Bateson Self - Panellist, Victoria Police Commander
Jeremy Bell Self - People's Panellist
Jennifer Buckingham Self - Panellist, Centre for Independent Studies
George Christensen Self - Panellist
Monica Doumit Self - Panellist, Catholic Commentator
Brian Healy Self - Audience Member
Jane Hume Self - Panellist, Liberal Senator Victoria
Will Jefferies Self - Audience Member
Stanley Johnson Self - Panellist, Kompromat
Callum Lawrence Self - Audience Member
David Littleproud Self - Panellist, Minister for Agriculture
Parnell McGuinness Self - Panellist, Communications Consultant
Jason Noble Self - Audience Member
James Pearson Self - Panellist, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jason Potter Self - Audience Member
Chris Richardson Self - Panellist, Deloitte Access Economics
Andrew Rule Self - Panellist, The Herald Sun
Lindsay Shepherd Self - Panellist, Free Speech Advocate
Ted Torossian Self - Audience Member
Mitchell Walton Self - Panellist, Business Owner and Tradie
Dylan Wood Self - Audience Member
Akos Balogh Self - Audience Member
Simon Cowan Self - Panellist
Teena McQueen Self - Panellist
Drew Pavlou Self - Audience Member
Matt Burns Self - Audience Member
Darren Gatcliffe Self - Audience Member
Barbara Heineback Self - Panellist, Former Press Officer
Craig Pett Self - Audience Member
John Ruddick Self - Panellist, Author
Sophie York Self - Audience Member
Renee Gorman Self - Audience Member
Joanne Tran Self - Audience Member