51 Degrees North (2015)

  • United Kingdom
  • Drama
  • 2015
4.6 out of 10
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Damon Miller is a filmmaker grappling with the pressures of an impoverished profession and a dissolving relationship. One routine assignment will change his life as he is involved in the disturbing research into Near-Earth Objects.


Name Role
Moritz von Zeddelmann Damon Miller
Dolly-Ann Osterloh Ann
Steven Cree Michael Burlington
Steve Nallon Professor Richards
Jamie Doyle Frank
Snoopy Snoopy
Frenzi Frenzi
Kahina Hallah Marianne
Chantal Brown Judith
Craig Benzine Self
Andrew Bilton London Citizen
Hannah Blamires Dead Person
Paulina Boneva Marylebone, Extra
Jonny Bunyan Radio Host
Mahmud Chowdhury Piccadily Circus Citizen
Kuo Chun-Hsuan Piccadilly Circus Citizen
Leon Corbin London citizen
Chris Cowlin Man in the restuarant
Carla de Wansey Wincie Hartford
Philip DeFranco Self
Jack Donnelly Tim
Richard Fashola Restaurant Guest
Marco Flammer London Citizen
Susan Fordham Piccadilly Circus Citizen
Seelan Gunaseelan Raj (Businessman)
Tony Harrison Crying Man on Tube / London citizen
Adam Jackson-Smith Light Miller
Anne Jamieson Piccadilly (Re-shoot) citizen
Celine Jedidi Crying commuter
Tyrone Jeffers London Citizen
Dorota Jendrzej Frightened Person at Piccadilly Circus
Ally Kadambi Piccadilly Circus Citizen
Belinda Kassinen Trampled mother with daughter
Karen King Frightened Civillian
Joelle Koissi Devastated Woman with Son
Benjayx Murphy Frightened Person At Picadilly Circus
Gino Picciano Passenger
Phil Plait Self
Rosemary Rance Citizen
Tiger Rudge Self
Santi Scinelli Kidnapper
Amanda Smith Crying on tube
Can Somer Restaurant Customer
Greg Stubley Worried Youth at Piccadilly Circus
Tony Stubley Stranglers Fan at Camden Tube Station
Jessica Summersgill Trampled Girl with teddy bear
Peter Summersgill Devastated Man
Brittani Taylor Self
Sarah J. Warren Abigail
Nathan Webb London Citizen
Martin Webbe London citizen
Anna-Maria Wiktorsson Woman on Tube
Samuel Williams Citizen
Leila Wong Devastated Girl
Robert Bond Passenger / London Citizen
Stacy Ruaux Panicked Tube Passenger

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