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The Boys (1992)

  • United States
  • 60
  • Comedy
  • 1992
8.4 out of 10



Name Role
Khiry Abdul-Samad Samuel
Hakeem Abdul-Samad David
Tajh Abdul-Samad Joseph
Bilal Abdul-Samad Emmanuel
Beverly Todd Aunt Ruth
Ron O'Neal Uncle John
Thelma Houston Sarah
Rueben Grundy Woody
Brandon Quintin Adams Marcus
Hinton Battle Odie
Bebe Drake Gert
Julius Harris Doc
Arnold Johnson Garland
Richard Roat Mr. Stiegel
John Witherspoon Bert
Phillip DeMarks Gang Boy #1
Terrence Williams Gang Boy #2
Senait Ashenafi Pretty Jogger
Talia Adams Tap Dancer
Charon Aldredge Tap Dancer
Shavonte Allen Tap Dancer
Stephanie Anenberg Tap Dancer
The Boys Themselves
Dannon Bryant Gang Dancer
Jena Countee Tap Dancer
D.J. Dellos Gang Dancer
Yunoka Doyle Tap Dancer
Sachi Ena Tap Dancer
Raynelle Gipson Tap Dancer
Amy-Jo Jesmer Tap Dancer
Claire Jesmer Tap Dancer
Challyn Markray Tap Dancer
Mayah McCoy Tap Dancer
Lamar Sampson Gang Dancer
Cory Tyler Gang Dancer
Caryn Ward Tap Dancer
Gieanna Wiginton Tap Dancer
Divita Wright Tap Dancer
Tom Lister Jr. Bodybuilder

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