Internet Icon (2012)

  • United States
  • Reality-TV
  • 2012
7.9 out of 10


A competition between YouTubers chosen by Ryan Higa and other YouTube celebrities.


Name Role
Joe Penna Self
Orlando J. Gomez Self
Natalie Fabry Self
Nick Ballard Actor
Brice Beckham Self - Guest Judge
Heidi Brucker Self - Contestant
Dave Days Self - Guest Judge
Corri English Actress
David Fickas Self - Guest Judge
Andrew Garcia Self - Guest Judge
Kassem Gharaibeh Self - Guest Judge
Anne Gregory Actress
Kyle Hatch Self - Contestant
Ryan Higa Self - Judge
Joe Keane Actor
Christine Lakin Self - Judge
Alec Ledd Actor
Jenna Marbles Self - Guest Judge
Erin Matthews Actress
Lana McKissack Self - Contestant
Megan McNulty Actress
Molly McQueen Actress
Matt Merchant Actor
Tammy Minoff Actress
Matthew Morgan Self - Contestant
Katie Nunez Actress
Paul Nygro Actor
Aimee Parker Actress
Joseph Porter Actor
Chris Riedell Self - Contestant
Nick Riedell Self - Contestant
Dominic Sandoval Self - Guest Judge
Tom Schanley Actor
Nellie Sciutto Actress
Chester See Self - Host
Jackie Seiden Actress
James Snyder Actor
Girard Tecson Self - Dayside Productions
Danielle Van Beest Actress
Gizmo The Chihuahua Actor
Felix Kjellberg Guest Judge
Steven Lim Self
Trevor McGowan Icinyte
Jahnnalee Randall Actress
Teri Bocko Actor unknown episodes
Eric Michael Espiritu Self - Contestant unknown episodes
Kyle Forgeard Self unknown episodes
Anthony Ma unknown episodes
Shama Mrema Self unknown episodes
Victoria Savage Actor unknown episodes
Erik Shaw Self - Contestant unknown episodes
Eric Taylor Self - Contestant unknown episodes
Jason Uyeda Self - Contestant unknown episodes
Damien Dante Wayans Guest actor unknown episodes
Dominic White Self - Contestant unknown episodes
Karim Jovian Self - Dayside Productions
Shaun Sato Self - Dayside Productions

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