Mash Up (2012)

  • USA
  • 30
  • Comedy
  • 2012
7.3 out of 10


T.J. Miller hosts this unique new half-hour stand-up series, complete with stand-up performances from Chris Hardwick, Hannibal Buress, Chris D'Elia, Pete Holmes, and Reggie Watts, sketch comedy and visualizations.


Name Role
T.J. Miller Self - Host
David Angelo
Hannibal Buress Self - Comedian
Bryan Callen Self - Comedian
Nick Cannon Self
Deon Cole Self - Comedian
Chris D'Elia Self - Comedian
Sandy Danto Inventor
Jon Dore Self - Comedian
Sean Flannery Self - Comedian
Erin Foley Self - Comedian
Chris Hardwick Self - Comedian
Ami Haruna Model
Pete Holmes Self - Comedian
Jared Logan Self - Comedian
Mary Lynn Rajskub Self - Comedian
Jonah Ray Self - Comedian
Tom Segura Self - Comedian
C.J. Sullivan Self - Comedian
Nick Vatterott Self - Comedian
Reggie Watts Self
Christina Anthony unknown episodes
Allison Bills unknown episodes
Ricky Carmona unknown episodes
Eugene Cordero unknown episodes
Joyce Greenleaf unknown episodes
Marc Evan Jackson unknown episodes
Brandon Johnson unknown episodes
Jessi Klein unknown episodes
Thomas Middleditch unknown episodes
Brad Morris unknown episodes
Charlotte Newhouse unknown episodes
Brady Novak unknown episodes
John Stamos unknown episodes
Angela Trimbur unknown episodes
John Vargas unknown episodes

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