Guy Code (2011)

  • USA
  • Comedy
  • 2011
7.1 out of 10


Guy code is about what it sounds like, the silent "code of behavior" that exists between guys. A few selected celebrities talk about different situations that might occur in life and how ...


Name Role
Imran Sheikh Brown Guy
Wyatt Kuether White Guy
Alesha Renee Self
Terrence Colby Clemons Black Guy
Lisa Ramos Self
Byron Bowers Self - Comedian
Melanie Iglesias
Monroe Martin III Self - Comedian
Tiffany Luu Self
Pete Davidson Self
Jeremy Redleaf Narrator
Dean Edwards Self - Host
David Ebert Self
Yvette Lovstad Office Love Interest
Tanisha Long Tanisha
Cale Hartmann
James Pumphrey
Jermaine Fowler Cast Member
Matthew Nadu Awkward white guy
Dan Soder Self
Kaitlin Thomas Girlfriend
Beverly Sade Cable Girl
Sandy Tejada Attractive Lady
Levy Tran Self
Chris DiStefano Self
Francesca Eaddy
D'Angelo Lacy
Daveo Mathias
Harold Osorio
Lawrence Robinson Hot Guy
Carolyn Kuether Girlfriend
Lisa Ribacoff Self - Certified Polygraph Examiner
Peter Hodge Wall Street guy
Hannibal Miles Little Brother
Stacy Price Hot Girl
Stephanie Allynne
Cate Beehan
Haleigh Ciel Black Light Girlfriend
Alexandra Fratella Girl
Nimo Gandhi Office Worker
Jourdan Guyton Club Girl
Ingrid Haas
Kyle Mooney
Scott Rodgers
Nicholas Rutherford
Josh Simpson
Akaash Singh
Angela Trimbur
Liz Thomas Party Guest
Jordan Carlos Self (2011-2012) unknown episodes
Jon Gabrus Self (2011-2012) unknown episodes
Donnell Rawlings Self (2011-2012) unknown episodes
Andrew Schulz Self (2011-2012) unknown episodes
Catt Minster Club Girl
Toccara Lanett Morning After Date

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