The Dossier Case (2012)

  • Australia
  • 40
  • Short
  • 2012
9.5 out of 10


CIA Agent Harry Lerner has seen better days. When assigned a mission to Cuba to investigate a communist relic from the cold war, Harry feels it is just the latest indication that he is now less important to the world of international


Name Role
Mark Weber Harry Lerner
Rob Horton Ed Fischer
Darrell Plumridge Jack Marshall
Sylvia Flores Ana
Joshua Everton Sammy
Shaun King Agent Jones
Robin Darch Agent Brown
John O'Halloran Phil
Jeremy Thorpe Mark
James William O'Halloran Scott
Hayley Channer Sarcastic CIA Agent
Bart Kelly Sloppy CIA Agent
Stephen Harmerson Relay Team Agent
Warren Segal Russian Diplomat
Chris Wisbey CIA Executive
Mal Kelly CIA Executive
Troy MacKinder Angry Agent On Phone
Deanna Milne Unimpressed CIA Agent
Jonathon James Williams CIA Security Guard
Sean Cahoe Pilot
Sean Harcourt-Bell Cab Driver
Rico Martinez Bartender
Jason Lamb Bartender's Assistant
Paul Geraghty Man With Newspaper
Simone Wise Woman At Bar
Lara Thomas Sammy's Girl
Tennille Thomas Sammy's Girl
Carlos Calvo Self
Edward McGlashan Defiant Cuban

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