Nerd Wars! (2011)

  • United States
  • 30
  • Short
  • 2011
7.4 out of 10


Prepare to laugh with the whole family as Alfonso & Marty, two competitive 6th grade nerds, face off in an epic after-school battle! Starring Michael Manuel Pena, Nathaniel Pena, Alfonso Freeman, Lia Marie Johnson, Danika Yarosh, and


Name Role
Michael Manuel Peña Alfonso
Nathaniel A. Pena Marty Baboor
Alfonso Freeman Mr. Chen
Lia Marie Johnson Doris
Everhet Kokason Boris
Danika Yarosh Ivanka
Sam Greenberg Angel
Paris Porter Raheem
Kent A. Gallegos Coach
Deborah Vieths Cafeteria Lady
Allie Costa Natalie Grace
Jessica Gwennap Sally
Marisa Imbroane Suzie
Chad Pawlak Ryan
Ryan Snyder Chad
Devin Knight Janitor
Keira Peña Lily
Sancho Martin B-Boy Alfonso
Jason Sensation Thomas B-Boy Marty
Willie Pena Dad
Justin Dwayne Hall Schoolkid
Eric Jeffcoat Schoolkid
Anita Maksymchuck Schoolkid
Marcos Angelo Menendez Schoolkid
Callum Pawlak Schoolkid
Jay Jay Warren Schoolkid
John R. Warren Schoolkid
Morgan Ashley Ford School Kid

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