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Uncle (2011)

  • United States
  • 17
  • Short
  • 2011


Hawai'i isn't all about coconut trees and beautiful hula girls. An Uncle (Keali'i) takes his nephew (Boy) on a quick fishing trip to teach him simple Hawaiian values. When they get home, Keali'i shows Boy first hand how these values


Name Role
Audie Ahlo Keali'i
Valen Ahlo Boy
Bill Corless Ha'ole Male Tourist
Kema Corless Ha'ole Female Tourist
Samuel Kapoi Keoki
Theona Kapoi Honey Girl
Duane Kiyota Judge Harry
Mika'Ele Pitolo Kimo / Keemz
Harmonie Westbrook Young Niece - Bebe / Tita

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