Thriller Night (2011)

  • USA
  • 6
  • Animation
  • 2011
6.4 out of 10


Shrek is bored on Halloween, and wants to have something scary. The power of Thriller gives him more than he bargained for.


Name Role
Michael Gough Shrek
Dean Edwards Donkey
Holly Fields Princess Fiona
André Sogliuzzo Puss in Boots
Cody Cameron Pinocchio / Three Pigs
Conrad Vernon Gingerbread Man
Walt Dohrn Rumpelstiltskin
Bobby Kimball Headless Horseman
Sean Bishop Zombie Chorus
Jerry Clarke Zombie Chorus
Brentley Gore Zombie Chorus
Mark McCracken Zombie Chorus
Pinky Turzo Zombie Chorus
Jeremy Steig Pied Piper

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