Someone Marry Barry (2014)

  • USA
  • 87
  • Comedy
  • 2014
5.8 out of 10


Three friends plot to get rid of their socially inappropriate friend by finding him a wife, but when he meets a woman just like him, their problems double.


Name Role
Tyler Labine Barry Burke
Damon Wayans Jr. Desmond
Hayes MacArthur Rafe
Thomas Middleditch Kurt
Amanda Lund Rachel
Frankie Shaw Camille
Wyatt Oleff J.T.
Kathy Bell Denton Mrs. Griggs
Brian Huskey Minister Hagen
Greg Germann Bill
Lauren Miller Rogen Leslie
Brett Gelman Goker
Ginger Gonzaga Juanita
Lucy Punch Melanie Miller
Vivian Bang Woman at Taxi Stand
Jerry Minor Taxi Driver
J. Robin Miller Paige
Nick Stanner Cyclist
Ashley Platz Yoga Woman
Rob Pearlstein Fireman
Brooke Josephson Sarah
Mark Edward Smith Desmond's New Boss
Al Vicente Friar
Daniel Hayek Romeo
Karissa Vacker Juliet
Scott Whyte Angry Man in Audience
Gabrielle Conforti Angry Woman In Audience
Liza Lapira Single Mom at Wedding
Joe Lo Truglio Sammy
Arun Sahoo Indian Barry
Katie Wee Katie
Brandon Azoo High School Bassist
Lizzy Burgi Dog Lover Speed Dater
Micah Cohen Barry's Dad in Flashback
Ronnie Connell High School Drummer
Maggie De Leonardis Woman
Valerie Fuselier Bill's Daughter
Anne Giovanni Italian Restaurant Owner
Candace Groff Nose Job Speed Dater
Ed Helms Ben
Angie Hill Speed Dater
Keontae Hogains Young Desmond
Robert A. Johnson Mr. Anderson
EJ Marin High School Guitarist
Carolyn Matini Speed Dater
Dennis Nicomede Barry's Dad
Melanie Anne Padernal Cute High School Girl
Michael Panes Rabbi Frankel
Ryan Radis Barry's Friend in Montage
Aaron Rice Barry #1
Kristen Ruhlin Raven - Goth Speed Dater
Sam Valentine Girl at Bar
Selah Victor Voluptuous Friend

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