King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

  • United Kingdom, United States, Australia
  • 126
  • Action
  • 2017
6.7 out of 10
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Robbed of his birthright, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy - whether he likes it or not.


Name Role
Charlie Hunnam Arthur
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey The Mage
Jude Law Vortigern
Djimon Hounsou Bedivere
Eric Bana Uther
Aidan Gillen Bill
Freddie Fox Rubio
Craig McGinlay Percival
Tom Wu George
Kingsley Ben-Adir Wet Stick
Neil Maskell Back Lack
Annabelle Wallis Maggie
Zac Barker Young Arthur 2 yrs
Oliver Barker Young Arthur 2 yrs
Geoff Bell Mischief John
Poppy Delevingne Igraine
Millie Brady Catia
Nicola Wren Lucy
Wil Coban Brother Blackleg
Bleu Landau Blue
Jacqui Ainsley Lady of the Lake
Lorraine Bruce Syren 1
Georgina Campbell Kay
Rob Knighton Mordred
Michael Hadley Mage King
David Beckham Trigger
Katie McGrath Elsa
Alan Turkington General 1
Peter Ferdinando Earl of Mercia
Michael McElhatton Jack's Eye
Mikael Persbrandt Greybeard
Max Rogers Man in Line
Charlie Rawes Axeman
James Warren Mike
Ellie Graham Maria
Robbie Carpenter Street Blackleg
Eline Powell Syren 2
Hermione Corfield Syren 3
Philip Ball Vortigern Decoy
Henry Faber Pained Man
Javan Hirst Man
Kalle Hennie Viking
Mark Epstein Celtic Sergeant
Peter Guinness Baron 1
Mark Umbers Baron 2
Adrian Bouchet Baron 3
Florence Bell Woman 1
Anna Brooks Beckman Woman 2
Cordelia Bugeja Woman 3
Fergal McElherron Dan Clan
Rebecca Calder Maid 1
Bodhi Fox Keene Young Arthur 6 months
Yannik Baker Young Arthur 6 yrs
Hugh Robb Young Arthur 11 yrs
Barney Walsh Young Arthur 19 yrs
Kamil Lemieszewski Merlin
Henry W. Smith Young Back Lack 19 yrs
Malique Thompson-Dwyer Young Wet Stick 19 yrs
Cole Wealleans-Watts Young Wet Stick 11 yrs
Andrew James Young Back Lack 11 yrs
Justin Aves Blackleg Captain
Raed Abbas Qadeer Abdul
Lee Adach Resistance
Chick Allan General in Elephant / Combat Team
Habib Anibaba Pendragon Knight / Doorman
Gregor Babic Mage
Steve Barnett Brothel Punter
Christopher Battye Mage
Gintare Beinoraviciute Noble
Christopher Ben Dan Clan Pikey
Jamie Biddulph Mage Mercenary
Sal Bolton Peasant
Jason Bostridge Mercenary
Dean Bowling Thug
Joe Bryant Londinium Fighter
David Burge Brothel Punter
Perry Burke Blackleg Knight
Amy Burnett Prostitute
John Burstow Market Merchant
Dacio Caballero Fighter
Paul Casson-Yardley Dan Clan
Pedro Caxade Vortigern's Guard
Jamie B. Chambers Knight
Shaun Chambers Blackleg Soldier
Lucy Chappell Young Mother
Chris Chisem Blackleg Soldier
Nick Cornwall Clan Head 1
Tom Coulston Pendragon Soldier
Joseph Creaser 16 Year Old
Benjamin Cruickshank Blackleg
Kyle Andrew Dalton Dan Clan Mafia
Paul Dawkins Arthur Knight
Scotty Day Mage Warrior
Sarah-Jane De Crespigny Low-Rent Villager
Christopher Devenport Pendragon Knight
Valeria Dundere Noble
Andrew Dunkelberger Low-Rent Villager
Kelvin Enwereobi Fighter
Karl Farrer Nobleman
Jason Farries Black Leg Knight
Christos Floros Man
Joe Gallina Londinium Fighter
Doug Grant Barons Man
Oliver Grantley Londinium Gang Boy
Mark Haldor Slave Labourer
Jack Harland Arthur's Guard
Lee Nicholas Harris Dan Clan Mafia
Michael Hennessy Nobleman
Michael Hillberg Voice Over
Michael Hoad Londinium Fighter
Pete Buzzsaw Holland Mercenary
Ashley Hudson Young Man / Fisherman
Alan Hughes Pendragon Squire
Mark Humphreys Turkish Warrior
Alex Jaep Londinum Fighter
Bron James Londinium Merchant
Tobias James-Samuels Blackleg
Cameron Joel Bully
Chris Kaye Pendragon Knight
Attila G. Kerekes Low-Rent Villager
Sash Lake Towel Boy 2
Lex Lamprey Baron's Man
Cristian Lazar Merchant
Gavin Lee Lewis Morad
Jason Lines Miscellaneous
Matt Lott Viking
Paul Low-Hang Knight
Jean-Paul Ly Londinium Fighter
Johnny Lynch Net Man
Pino Maiello Pendragon Knight
Clea Martin Prostitute
Graham Martin Senior Counsellor
Alice E. Mayer Noble Girl
Brendan McCoy Mage
Jacob Meadows Vortigans Bodyguards
Anthony Miles Baron's Man
Matthew John Morley Black Legs Soldier / Archer
Nigel Murfitt Vortigen's Counsellor
Ross O'Connor Guard
Tatsujiro Oto Merchant
Harry Palmer Blackleg Knight
Pip Phillips Prostitute
Mac Pietowski Blackleg General Officer
Sarva Van Der Plas Black Leg Soldier
Philip Raeburn Londinium Fighter
Shane Rawlings Blackleg
Jordan Luke Reeves Mafia Knight
Guy Ritchie Inn Owner
Danny Roberts Noble Boy
Will Patrick Roberts Dan Clan Traveller
Geoff Rolph Villager
Mark Ryder Mage
Moon Saker Prostitute
Rock Salt Londinium Fighter
Robert Scott Merchant
James Seed Londinium Fighter
Janette Sharpe Low-Rent Villager
Mark Shrimpton Pendragon Knight
Daniel Smales Villager
Ben Smith Resistance
Clem So Chinese Dan Clan Fighter
Michael Soteriou Guard
Atul Srivastava Mage Kneeler
Richard Stanley Londinium Beggar
Daniel Stisen Londinum Fighter
Landon Sweeney Villager
Albert Tang Chinese Dan Clan Fighter
Paul Terry Dan Clan Mafia
Cache Thake Boy
Rio Thake Captured Boy
Peter Theobalds Greybeards Viking Envoy
Gary Thompsett Soldier
Pep Thompson Mage Warrior
Roy Martin Thorn Dan Clan Pikey
Bao Tieu Londinium Fighter
Mariano Venida Chinese Merchant
Marco Villard Peasant
Michael Walford-Williams Nobleman
Claira Watson Parr Noblewoman
Tom Whelehan Warrior
Arthur Wilde Young Man
Jahgo Williams Londinium Fighter
Rocci Williams Londinum Fighter
Shelby James Williams Blackleg Archer
Mark Windham Mage Warrior
Christian Wolf-La'Moy Knight Sounding Fanfare
Steen Young Nemesis
Yvan Zahui Londinum Fighter
Miroslav Zaruba Black Legs Soldier / Vortigern's Guard
Ruolan Zhang Chinese Tea Lady

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