Screwed (2013)

  • United States
  • 96
  • Comedy
  • 2013
4.4 out of 10


Screwed is a modern throwback to classic John Hughes-ian 80's films about self discovery, a sex comedy with heart where one man will do anything and any woman to win the girl of his dreams.


Name Role
Kurt David Anderson Will Hembree
Kevin McCorkle Tim
Nathan Moore Nathan Rogers
Alison Haislip Patty
Shane Warren Jones Abdul
Isabelle Pepi Snarf Anderbell Ricky Shredder
Brianna Brown Jen
Paul Greene Steve
Moniqua Plante Tina
Ashley Walsh Pam
Jessica Manuel Christine
Lisa Crow Lee
Teresa Michelle Lee Miss Saigon
Susan Krajchir Beatrice
Caleb Riddick Terrence
Matt Ferrucci Ryan
Nicole Chasin Twin #1
Alex Chasin Twin #2
Julie McNiven Emma
Eleanor Seigler Lori
Michael Doonan Mr. Rocha
Mike Romo Graham Nuclear
Hannah B. Campbell Donna Nuclear
Daniel Kertesz Billy Nuclear
Nathan Kertesz Marty Nuclear
Rafael J. Noble The Guy
Sachie Alessio Marie
Jennifer Keppel Yoga Student #1
Teija Cheung Yoga Student #2
Katy Kvalvik Betsy
Richie Gibbs Baggy Sack Man
Will Doughty Jerry
Jenica Bergere Meredith
Tyson Falkor Dobby Wynn Flash
Lorrena Magaña Pizza Girl
Joanna Bateman Rihanna
Rachel Hollon Girl with Guitar
Stephanie Jackson Cute Redhead
Margot Major Sarah
Sharon Zimmer Professional Woman
Angela Matemotja Oprahniqua
Lana McKissack Debbie
Bonnie Bower Michelle
Justin Wooten Security Guard
Mike Kersey Group Leader
Jack Kersey Baby Sex Addict
Peter Cilella Sonny
Erin Neimeyer Woman Sex Addict
Diego del Pino Comic Book Executive #1
Bryan Nigh Comic Book Executive #2
Margi Simmons Ronnie
Barrett Lindsay Landon
Kristen Pate Dog Park Woman #1
Stacie Richards Dail Dog Park Woman #2
Karen Praxel Claire
Candice Coke Pop Star Rihanna
Jae Henson Mrs. Campbell
Happy Harry Houdini Winston Marie Antoinette

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