It's Not You. It's Bree. (2012)

  • Australia
  • Comedy
  • 2012
8.1 out of 10


Desperate to become Australia's answer to Dr. Phil, Bree has decided to hire a film crew to follow her trajectory towards fame and stardom. With an impending book release, Bree gives the ...


Name Role
Pablo Calero Mark
Kath Gordon Bree Browning
Kate Mulqueen Jenny
Simon Presljak Gary Lim
Cate Commisso Robyn Bickle
Luke Morrison Jack
Jessica Stafford Cass
Jonathan Welsby Henry Bickle
Peter Cassidy Bill
Serge De Nardo Marco
Francesca Waters Joy
Nick Barker-Pendree Jim Varner
Anita Clements Dr. Karen Murphy
Rachel Craft Lisa Varner
Tom Carmody Brett Murphy
Cat Commander Betty
Perri Cummings Nancy
Phillip Donkin Publishing Exec #3
Ruben Francis Alex
Marilyn Maguire Publishing Exec #1
Veronica Porcaro Sumira
Rhona Rees Adrienne
Leanne Smith Publishing Exec #2
Steve Young Stefan
Megan Anderson The Rat
Sophie Banks Zumba Dancer #1
Benjamin Barling Nudist #1
Anthony Bottegal Fowl Owl
Katherine Copsey Maxine
Dean Cunningham Nudist #2
Candice Fuller The Ladybug
Albert Goikhman Nudist #3
Menik Gooneratne Dr. Lucy
Maxwell Grimmett Dinner Guest #1
Fanny Hanusin Lana Tan
Amanda Hurdman Nudist #4
Patrick James Stefan
Amy Lim Car Yard Customer
Trevor Major Barry Barnham
Jillian Milton Dinner Guest #2
Derrick Murphy Dr. Sam Taylor
Kristian Mynott Nudist #5
Paul Anthony Nelson The Ladybug
Erin O'Brien Hairdresser #2
Danielle O'Malley Zumba Dancer #2
Ben Prendergast Lachlan McPoon
Maddy Serong Mark's Guitarist
James Stanistreet Anthony
Bradley Thompson Nudist #6
Cedric Williamson Lawrence

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