Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation (2011)

  • USA
  • 6
  • Animation
  • 2011
7.3 out of 10


The toys throw Ken and Barbie a Hawaiian vacation in Bonnie's room.


Name Role
Tom Hanks Woody
Tim Allen Buzz Lightyear
Joan Cusack Jessie
Kristen Schaal Trixie
Wallace Shawn Rex
Axel Geddes Rexing Ball
Jeff Garlin Buttercup
Estelle Harris Mrs. Potato Head
Don Rickles Mr. Potato Head
Timothy Dalton Mr. Pricklepants
Jeff Pidgeon Aliens
Zoe Levin Peas-in-a-Pod
Emily Hahn Bonnie
Lori Alan Bonnie's Mom
Blake Clark Slinky Dog
John Ratzenberger Hamm
Michael Keaton Ken
Jodi Benson Barbie
Bonnie Hunt Dolly
Angus MacLane Captain Zip
Bud Luckey Chuckles
Javier Fernández-Peña Spanish Buzz
Frank Welker Bullseye

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