Demonic (2015)

  • United States
  • 83
  • Horror
  • 2015
5.3 out of 10
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A police officer and a psychologist investigate the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.


Name Role
Maria Bello Dr. Elizabeth Klein
Frank Grillo Detective Mark Lewis
Cody Horn Michelle
Dustin Milligan John
Scott Mechlowicz Bryan
Megan Park Jules
Aaron Yoo Donnie
Alex Goode Sam
Terence Rosemore Jenkins
Jesse Steccato Peter
Meyer DeLeeuw Henry
Griff Furst Reeves
Thomas Francis Murphy Aberknacky
Ashton Leigh Sara Mathews
Katarina Boudreaux Martha Livingston
Charlie Picerni Police officer #1
Jeff Galpin Police officer #2
Tyson Sullivan Luke Elton
Dave Davis Tech 1
Billy Slaughter EMT Wayne
Christopher Berry EMT #2
Indigo EMT #3
Michael Trigg Police officer
Kara Bowman EMT #1
Nicholas Bursavich CSI Officer
Joseph Randy Causin Convenience Store Locals
Duane Cothren Officer Hicks / EMT
Darryl Harvey Deputy Sheriff
Nick Killebrew Dark Figure
Gustavo I. Ortiz Deputy Sheriff (Baldridge)
Michael Patrick Rogers Dark Figure
Sammy Romeo Deputy Sheriff
Katherine Jeanie Russell Convenience Store Locals
Jesse Yarborough EMT #4

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