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Weekends at Bellevue (2011)

  • United States
  • Drama
  • 2011
5.8 out of 10


Centers on Ellie, the psychiatrist in charge of the weekend shift of Bellevue Hospital psychiatric unit.


Name Role
Eric Winter Jared Knox
Yaya DaCosta Vanessa
Lauren Ambrose Ellie Harlow
Janet McTeer Diane Wallace
Amber Stevens West Claire Cohen
David Alpay Ben Jacobs
Patricia Kalember Lucinda
Tyler Ritter
Xzibit Chuck
Joseph D'Onofrio Nico
Margaret Anne Florence Maggie Woodrow
Daniel London Steven
Felix Solis Judge Bernard Chavez
Yin Chang Daisy Wong
Jennifer Mudge Mira Kennerly
Mike Houston Southerland
Andy Powers Tom Harlow
John Speredakos Victor
Guy Olivieri Craig Travers
Brian Morvant Leo
Dina Cataldi Inpatient
Justin Morck Psych Ward patient
Skyler Marshall Autistic Patient
Peter Conboy New York City Police Officer
Chris Vaina Orderly
Mark Steiger Beach party guest
Shindo Ki Rodriguez Homeless patient
Roger Brenner Hotel Guest
Roy Pollack Emergency Room Visitor

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