Night Home (2010)

  • USA
  • 18
  • Short
  • 2010
7.4 out of 10


In the early morning after Halloween night in New York City, two buddies reconnect with themselves and each other as the attempt to navigate their way home through the city's morphing landscape.


Name Role
Thomas Middleditch James
T.J. Miller Andrew
Ito Aghayere Pregnant Bride
Daniel Baez Bouncer
Steven Boyer Australian #1
Natasha David Maya
Hannah Rose Fierman Lily
Jordan Galland Ghostbuster
Lars Gerhard Cop
Olivia Horton Daniella
Kristopher Kling Spiky Haired Guy
Josh Mendelow Australian #3
Egle Petraite St. Sebastian
Brandon T. Snider Australian #2
Sonny Valicenti Bystander

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