Philippe's Sandwich (2011)

  • United States
  • 15
  • Short
  • 2011
9.2 out of 10


When two young brothers Flaco and Lino realize their Mamita is dying, they embark on an unsupervised journey throughout Los Angeles in search of a special sandwich. What they find is magical.


Name Role
Ruben Dario Young Ernesto
Christopher DeMaci the Pirate man
Angelina Duplisea Wedding guest / praying woman
Brian Fong Blind man Woo
Chalo González Ernesto
Iris Karina
Anna Klein Young Esmeralda
Juan Martinez Lino
Mary Mather Birthday Guest
Sheila Rabizadeh Praying Woman
Diane Rodriguez The Waitress
Rico Rodriguez Flaco
Julia Vera Esmeralda / Mamita

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