Office Christmas Party (2016)

  • USA
  • 105
  • Comedy
  • 2016
5.9 out of 10


When his uptight CEO sister threatens to shut down his branch, the branch manager throws an epic Christmas party in order to land a big client and save the day, but the party gets way out of hand...


Name Role
Jason Bateman Josh Parker
Olivia Munn Tracey Hughes
T.J. Miller Clay Vanstone
Jennifer Aniston Carol Vanstone
Kate McKinnon Mary
Courtney B. Vance Walter Davis
Jillian Bell Trina
Rob Corddry Jeremy
Vanessa Bayer Allison
Randall Park Fred
Sam Richardson Joel
Karan Soni Nate
Jamie Chung Meghan
Abbey Lee Savannah
Da'Vine Joy Randolph Carla
Andrew Leeds Tim
Oliver Cooper Drew
Chloe Wepper Kelsey
Matt Walsh Ezra
Ben Falcone Doctor
Adrian Martinez Larry
Fortune Feimster Lonny
Erick Chavarria Alan
Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler
Nick Peine Rodney
Michael Tourek Alexei
Vince Pisani Airline Concierge
Sonny Valicenti Dean
Lynne Ashe Rita
Nick Madrick Bartender - Ice Luge
Brian Ashton Smith Bartender
Walt Jones Dean's Son
Summer Fontana Young Girl
Daniel Jackson Jesus
Ricky Muse Elevator Operator
David Kallaway Huge Doorman
Robin Robinson News Reporter
Richard Cotovsky Salvation Army Collector
Jessica Miesel Shannon
Jackie Renee Robinson Wendy
Bolton Marsh Young Roger
Todd Parker Rob
Jeff Ryan Alexander Drunk Guy
Lauren Boyd Drunk Woman #1
Erica Page Drunk Woman #2
Joshua Mikel Destructive Party Crasher
David Kenneth Underwood Igor
Deja Dee Nurse #1
Brooke Jaye Taylor Nurse #2
Emmy Allin Secretary
Jeffery Arseneau Office Worker / Party Crasher
Anthony Belevtsov Russian guy
Thomas K. Belgrey Scary Russian Singing Guy
Romar Bennett Party Crasher
Autumn Bowman Frosty Bartender
John David Bulla Wise Man
Richard Butts Store Shopper / Elevator Guest / Party Goer
Tabitha Chappelle Core Legal Department
Tony F. Charles Office Party Goer
Sarah Timms Chittaro Customer
Tony Comrie Upscale Shopper
Kelly Copeland Lawyer
Marisol Correa Caterer
Cowboy Party Delivery Guy
Arthur Dean Party Crasher
Jeff Dlugolecki Party Crasher
Turillis Grier Nurse
Lew Herman Older Executive
Bobby Hoskins Party Date
David Iwanicki Party Date
Darien Johnson Party Goer
Perry Johnson Hospital Visitor
Nicole Lauren Young Carol
Michael Layman Accountant
Todd Lee Party Goer
Lizzy Leigh Train Passenger / White Collar / Party Crusher
Destiny Lopez Friend at Christmas Party
Erin Luboff Pedestrian / Party Crasher
Charisse Lyon Party Crasher
Phil Madura Pensacola Doorman
BreeAnna Marie Party Crasher
Logan Masters Mob Girlfriend
Dan McDonough Paramedic
Myranda McGhee Nurse
Candyce Moore Arriving Partygoer
Paige Nicollette Party Crasher
Mandy Oakes Office Worker
Rafaela Ochoa Pedestrian
Stephen Payne Angry Sales Guy
Sandy Piña Office Worker / Party Crasher
Monica Powers Party Guest
George Pringle Wise Man
Elizabeth Reiners Chicago Holiday Shopper
Jasmin Rodriguez Office Worker / White Collar
Heather Schell Elf 'Triffany'
Darren Sheehan Office Worker
Niki Sterner Dean's Wife
Doug Stroup Front Desk Clerk
Bret Thompson Middle Manager
Rebecca Thompson First Class Passenger
Brandy Trafman Office Worker / Employee
Giota Trakas Office Worker
Darja Väärsi Flamboyant Party Crasher
Evan Wickert Christmas Caroler / Obscene Gesture Boy
Roger Wiggins Security Guard
Trevor Wolf Russian Bartender
Hans Dieter Wolff Uber Driver
Alex Zelenka Party Crasher

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