A Holiday Heist (2011)

  • USA
  • 90
  • Comedy
  • 2011
4.0 out of 10


A group of college students stay at school over Christmas to work at a special exhibit in the college's fine art gallery. The students have little in common to each other. When they decide ...


Name Role
Lacey Chabert Jennifer
Rick Malambri Duncan
Vivica A. Fox Dean Erma
Jermaine Williams Frank
Dov Tiefenbach Bert
Preston Lacy Buzz
Robert Maschio Harley
Anand Desai-Barochia Alfred
Fallon Goodson Paige
Kaylen Davidson Cassie
Chris Kattan Uncle Harry
Christopher Redman Antoine Luc
David J. Phillips Marcouscous
Paul T. Murray Jimmy
Cassandra Scerbo Kate
Vivian Bang Nadia
Bryson Jones Allman Limo Hunk
Nicole Andrews Phoebe
Brianna Arteman Student
Carissa Blades Greta
Shane Coffey Student
Darrel Davenport Limo Hunk
Serena DeMello Young Jennifer
Kimberly Dawn Guerrero Carrie
Rachel Heller Jill
Sarah Hester Student
Shelby Janes Officer Logan
Jake Johnson Young Harley
Tiara McKinney Young Erma
Matthew Scott Miller Young Buzz
Michael Petersen Steve
Douglas Spain Pablo
Kevin Strom Limo Hunk
Corbin Timbrook Officer Daniels

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