Fun Size (2012)

  • USA
  • 86
  • Adventure
  • 2012
5.4 out of 10


Wren's Halloween plans go awry when she's made to babysit her brother, who disappears into a sea of trick-or-treaters. With her best friend and two nerds at her side, she needs to find her brother before her mom finds out he's missing.


Name Role
Victoria Justice Wren
Jackson Nicoll Albert
Chelsea Handler Joy
Josh Pence Keevin
Jane Levy April
Thomas Mann Roosevelt
Thomas McDonell Aaron Riley
Carrie Clifford Pumpkin Mom
Barry Livingston Halloween Dad
Ele Bardha Mariposa Dad
Osric Chau Peng
Zamani Munashe Spider Girl
Bobby Thomas Old Spider Man
James Pumphrey Brueder
Thomas Middleditch Fuzzy
Dean Ogle Tween
Manny Liotta Tween
Amiri Zaire Tween
Kerri Kenney Barb
Ana Gasteyer Jackie
Abby Elliott Lara
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo Mr. Mahani (Samoan Man)
Lori Pelenise Tuisano Mrs. Mahani (Samoan Woman)
Patrick de Ledebur Mike Puglio
Stefan Gatt Hulk
Sara Lindsey Sexy Nurse
Riki Lindhome Galaxy Scout
Erin Scerbak Andrea (Drive Thru Girl)
Gabrielle McClinton Galaxy Scout Friend
Jeremy Isaiah Earl Officer Savage
Rachel Sterling Kassi
Holmes Osborne Mr. Brueder
Annie Fitzpatrick Mrs. Brueder
Nicholas Varricchio Jonathan (Mad Hatter)
Maria Perossa Hailey (Pirate Wench)
Zoe Aggeliki Melinda
Steven Andrews SNL Timberlake Guy
Joel Anger Bar Patron in James Dean Costume
Erinn Bakun Sexy Card Dealer
Meghan Bakun Sexy Sailor
Stefanie Barber Sexy Police Woman
Robbie Barnes Pink Lady
Jason Botsford Beer Keg
Christina Cacic Dancer
Barrett Carnahan Student
Kyle Carthens Baseball Player
Caitlyn Case Trick or Treating Witch
Jennifer James Davies Cowgirl
Meredith Eaton
Nathan Elias Super Hero
Todd Emmett Cop #3
Kim Evans Ballerina
Paris Fellows Mariachi Man
Tiffany Furbee Party patron
Diana Gumarova Dorothy Girl
Jessica Heidenreich Pirate Wench
Jake Heineke Coconut Bro #1
Sherry Hudak Little Bo Peep
Kevin M. Jacobs Stilt Walker - Captain Chickens
Alison Kamis Student
Alex Keener Bro Alien
Johnny Knoxville Jörgen
Mike Kolovich Annoyed Driver
Cole Kornell Werewolf
Brandon Landers Buddy D
Annette Lawless Mean Girl
Mariana Lessa Lica
Gregg Lopez Wren's Dad
Mark Mackaye Goth kid
Nick Marcucci Blues Brother
Melissa Martel Pink Lady
Courtney Mclaughlin Scream Girl #2
Wayne Mesker Costume Shop Extra
Shawn Michelle Convenient Store Worker
Scott T. Morrison Trick or treater
Jared Moss Vending Machine
Jason Patrick Hula Skirt Man
Ryan Patrick
Roger Petan Teacher in Hallway
Leigh A. Peterson 60s Go-Go Girl
Brianna Grace Reagh Strip Poker Player
Trisha Reed Democrat Donkey
Porche Robinson Trick or treater
Allison Rowe Irongirl
David Sanborn Gangster
Bianca Seulean Student
Jessica Shay Extra
Deanna Sherman Queen of Hearts
Beth Shiller Party goer
Damon M. Smith Girl Scout
Kelly Tapager Princess
Anthony Tucker Jr. Aaron's friend / Indian
Allison Weissman Mackenzie
Aidan Patrick Wilson Extra
Shawna Wolf Beauty Queen
Alissa Worley Costumed Girl
Seth Worley Costumed Boy
Krista Marie Yu Jordan

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