Certainty (2011)

  • USA
  • 104
  • Drama
  • 2011
5.0 out of 10


In the big city a loving young couple Deb and Dom planning to get ready to marry seek guidance from the Catholic Church, which only brings out the true life problems they may encounter with...


Name Role
Robert Arensen Physical therapist patient
Jo Armeniox Christine
John Auer Acting Student
Tammy Blanchard Melissa
Jackie Brown Parishioner
Thomas Brucia Barbershopper #2
John Cariani Odd Interviewer
JR Carter Parishioner
Larry Clarke Mike
Adelaide Clemens Deb Catalano
Hal Cohen Barbershopper #3
Dominic Colón Hefty Dude
Kristen Connolly Betsy
David Dantowitz Barbershopper #1
Steve DiNardo Bar Patron
Maria Dizzia Serious Lady
Giancarlo Esposito Father Heery
Mike Finazzo Acting Student
Paloma Guzmán Jennifer
Valerie Harper Kathryn
Frank Harts Khakis
Tara Layne Party Guest
Tom Lipinski Dom McGuire
Thomas Middleditch Game Guy
Bobby Moynihan Roddy
Kianné Muschett Eager Lady
Brendan O'Malley Chad
Kerry O'Malley Theresa
Kate Reinders Mary
Will Rogers Kevin
Stephanie Sherry Acting Student
Loudon Wainwright III Tom
Johnny M. Wu Rick
Rob Yang Fred
Frank Baba Extra
Marmee Regine Cosico Parishioner
Traci Redmond Party Guest

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