Bringing Up Bobby (2011)

  • United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom
  • 93
  • Comedy
  • 2011
5.2 out of 10


A con artist moves her son to a conservative neighborhood in Oklahoma in an effort to build a better future, but it doesn't take long for her past to catch up with her, and for her son's behavior to cause problems of its own.


Name Role
Milla Jovovich Olive
Spencer List Bobby
Don Kruizinga Car Salesman
Rory Cochrane Walt
Dalton Olive Earl
Robin Brooks Teacher
Milton Killen Parking Lot Guy
Eric Starkey John Lewis III
Dan Corley Tommy Lee Jones
Bill Pullman Walt
Deedra Jordan-Evans Doctor
Molly Reilly Nurse
Sanford Kelly Kent's Driver Gerry
Jane Hall Secretary Carol
Marcia Cross Mary
Braden Fowler Sam
Brandon E. Jackson Insurance Agent
Harry Falter Policeman
Renata Batista Maid
Lauren Analla Darlene
Venice Del Valle Cleaning Lady
Clayton Ingmire Kid 1
Max Gonzales Kid 2
Cary Hawkins Young Salesman
Ana Anderson Det. Winters
Licorice Licorice
Amber Amanda Drug Dealer's Girlfriend
Jon Bielich Impatient Customer
Phillip Borghee Street Walker
Brett Bower Criminal
Gene Burris Jr. Businessman with Briefcase
Laurie Cummings Jail Visitor
Rick Eager Undercover Cop
Tina Fortune Business Woman
Justin Dwayne Hall Jamie
Linton Jackson Store Patron
Jarod Martin Street Walker
Shelli McCollister-Fox Business lady
Cameron McGarry Private School Boy
Ray Prewitt Chuck Lee Buck
Angela Startz Female Security Guard
Rett Terrell File Clerk
Christopher Townsend Undercover Cop

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