Little Blossom (2010)

  • United States
  • 35
  • Short
  • 2010
6.5 out of 10
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After their high school is burned down, a group of small town teenagers transfer to a nearby preppy public school.


Name Role
Anna Peterson Candy Kane
Haris Mahic Brad Fischer
Jaclyn Gest Shelly Ross
Peter Burghart Zach Finn
Anna Gibson Ashley Scott
Christian Robinson Zederick Morgan
Charleen Powell Natalie Porter
Bridgette Barnsley Anabelle Morgan
Kirby Page-Schmit Ken Harris
Rachel Fowler Mrs. Rebecca Scott
Kevin Sean Ryan Mr. Charles Scott
Audrey Walters Mrs. Applebaum
Christine Mascolo Jenny Ross
Kameron Knox Brody Knox
Linda Houser Mary-Lou Morgan
Ginger Playford Grandma Helga
Swann Christopher Security Guard #1
Adrian Hart Smith / Student #4
Ilasiea Gray Student
David Maddalena Mr. Wormwell
Allison Watrous Lydia Fischer

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