A Passionate Woman (2010)

  • United Kingdom
  • 90
  • Drama
  • 2010
6.6 out of 10


Leeds, 1950s, Betty (Billie Piper) is a married mother whose life is changed forever after falling hopelessly in love with her charismatic neighbour, "Craze" (Theo James). Feeling trapped inside her conventional marriage, she abandon


Name Role
Theo James Craze
Sue Johnston Betty
Billie Piper Betty
Kelly Harrison Moira
Alun Armstrong Donald
Jim Dowdall Biker
Andrew Lee Potts Mark
Rachel Leskovac Margaret
Robert Lonsdale Graham
Jamie Davis Terry
Anthony Lewis Micky
Joe Armstrong Donald
Frances Barber Margaret
Mina Anwar Mrs Patel
Max Somerfield Mark - Baby
Youkti Patel Asha Patel
Jabe Somerfield Mark - Baby
Anna Skellern Jo
Sharon Duce Christine
Alex Price Teddy Boy
John Duttine Rick
Sebastian Shaw Eric
Allan Corduner Mr Solomon
Philip Jervis Miner
Renny Krupinski Mr Bethshiva
Judith Barker Mrs Armstrong
Wendy Patterson Registry Clerk
Marie Critchley Mrs Forcett
Beverley Higgins Mother on Welfare
Rachel Davies Mrs Katie Vates
Daryl Fishwick Ingrid
David Fleeshman Mr Addiman
Paul Warriner Vicar
Faye McKeever Fairground Woman
Michael Dixon Mr Jeffries
Ian McHale Wedding Photographer
Barbara Marten Moira
Malcolm Scates Chief Fire Officer
Darren Beaumont Ambulance Man
Grace Gray Dancer
Emily Millicent Mott Girl playing in street

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