Snake 'n' Bacon (2009)

  • USA
  • 11
  • Animation
  • 2009
6.7 out of 10


Pilot Episode: "Psst. Wanna See a Crime Scene?" Cold opening, followed by a visit to a crime scene. Later Snake and Bacon (Tim Lagasse) visit the district attorney (David Rakoff). Animated sketches interconnect within the overall plot.


Name Role
Chelsea Clarke
Bill Hader
Greg Hollimon
Kristen Schaal The Green Fairy
Peter Serafinowicz
Brian Stack Gangster / Grandpa
James Urbaniak Bacon
Tim Lagasse Snake / Bacon
Dan Bakkedahl Detective
Rich Blomquist Crime Lab Worker
Andy Blitz Murderer
David Rakoff The Real DA
James Donn Criminal
Garry Hayes Criminal
J.R. Havlan Criminal

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