The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards (2009)

  • United States
  • Comedy
  • 2009
7.1 out of 10


And we're a 40-style radio announcer tells us about the value of television, somehow footage of LeBron is involved, then Aretha singing at Obama's inauguration (with an ironic clip from Wipeout). Welcome your host Neil Patr


Name Role
Neil Patrick Harris Self - Host & Nominee
Edie Adams Self - In Memoriam
Shohreh Aghdashloo Self - Winner
Christina Applegate Self - Nominee
Army Archerd Self - In Memoriam
Patricia Arquette Self - Presenter
Bea Arthur Self - In Memoriam
Kevin Bacon Self - Nominee & Presenter
Simon Baker Self - Nominee & Presenter
Alec Baldwin Self - Winner & Presenter
Drew Barrymore Self - Nominee
Michael Bearden Self - Performer
Stephen Bender Self
Paul Benedict Self - In Memoriam
Jeffrey Blitz Self - Winner
James Bobin Self - Nominee
David Boreanaz Self - Presenter
Ellen Burstyn Self - Presenter
Gabriel Byrne Self - Nominee
Rose Byrne Self - Nominee
Steve Carell Self - Nominee
Len Cariou Self - Nominee
David Carradine Self - In Memoriam
Lenny Castro Self - Performer
Kristin Chenoweth Self - Winner
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Self - Performer
Christian Clemenson Self - Nominee
Glenn Close Self - Winner
Stephen Colbert Self - Nominee
Toni Collette Self - Winner
Brian Corsetti Self
Pierre Cossette Self - In Memoriam
Tom Courtenay Self - Nominee
Bryan Cranston Self - Winner
Walter Cronkite Self - In Memoriam
Jon Cryer Self - Winner & Presenter
Billy Crystal Self
Kaley Cuoco Self - Presenter
Hope Davis Self - Nominee
Felicia Day Penny
Cat Deeley Self - Presenter
Dana Delany Self - Presenter
Dom DeLuise Self - In Memoriam
Kevin Dillon Self - Nominee
Chris Edgerly Opening Announcer
Michael Emerson Self - Winner
Jimmy Fallon Self - Presenter
Julian Farino Self - Nominee
Tina Fey Self - Winner & Presenter
Sally Field Self - Nominee
Nathan Fillion Captain Hammer
Michael J. Fox Self - Presenter
Johnny Galecki Self - Presenter
Larry Gelbart Self - In Memoriam
Ricky Gervais Self - Presenter
Henry Gibson Self - In Memoriam
Brendan Gleeson Self - Winner
Kater Gordon Self
Bruce Gowers Self - Winner
Allen Lee Haff Self
Michael C. Hall Self - Nominee
Bernie Hamilton Self - In Memoriam
Jon Hamm Self - Nominee & Presenter
Alyson Hannigan Self - Presenter
Marcia Gay Harden Self - Nominee
Dan Harmon Self - Winner
Simon Helberg Moist
Don Hewitt Self - In Memoriam
Jennifer Love Hewitt Self - Presenter
Pat Hingle Self - In Memoriam
Todd Holland Self - Nominee
Ken Howard Self - Winner
Matt Hubbard Self - Winner
Holly Hunter Self - Nominee
Michael Jackson Self - In Memoriam
Shar Jackson Self
Van Johnson Self - In Memoriam
Cherry Jones Self - Winner
Kevin Kline Self - Nominee
Jane Krakowski Self - Nominee
Mort Lachman Self - In Memoriam
Amber Lancaster Trophy Model
Herbert 'Flight Time' Lang Self
Jessica Lange Self - Winner
Eva LaRue Self - Audience Member
Hugh Laurie Self - Nominee
Blake Lively Self - Presenter
LL Cool J Self - Presenter
Nathaniel 'Big Easy' Lofton Self
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Self - Nominee & Presenter
Rob Lowe Self - Presenter
Seth MacFarlane Self - Nominee
Shirley MacLaine Self - Nominee
Karl Malden Self - In Memoriam
Vincent Martella Self
Jack McBrayer Self - Nominee
Beth McCarthy-Miller Self - Nominee
Patrick McGoohan Self - In Memoriam
Sarah McLachlan Self - Performer
Ed McMahon Self - In Memoriam
Janet McTeer Self - Nominee
Leighton Meester Self - Presenter
Bill Melendez Self / Snoopy - In Memoriam
Ricardo Montalban Self - In Memoriam
Tracy Morgan Self - Nominee & Presenter
Elisabeth Moss Self - Nominee
Stephen Moyer Self - Presenter
Sheri Nadel Self
Bob Newhart Self - Nominee & Presenter
Paul Newman Self - In Memoriam
Conan O'Brien Self - Nominee
Chris O'Donnell Self - Presenter
Sandra Oh Self - Nominee
Hayden Panettiere Self - Presenter
Sabrina Parisi Self
Ray Parker Jr. Self - Performer
Mary-Louise Parker Self - Nominee
Jim Parsons Self - Nominee & Presenter
Aaron Paul Self - Nominee
Elizabeth Perkins Self - Nominee
Anne Pivcevic Self - Winner
Amy Poehler Self - Nominee & Presenter
Jeff Probst Self - Winner
Robert Prosky Self - In Memoriam
Josh Radnor Self - Presenter
Natasha Richardson Self - In Memoriam
Barbie Ross Contest Winner
Tom Scott Self - Performer
Kyra Sedgwick Self - Nominee & Presenter
Jason Segel Self - Presenter
Andy Serkis Self - Nominee
William Shatner Self - Nominee
Charlie Sheen Self - Nominee
Millicent Shelton Self - Nominee
Ron Silver Self - In Memoriam
Sarah Silverman Self - Nominee
John Slattery Self - Nominee
Karina Smirnoff Self - Performer
Cobie Smulders Self - Presenter
Jon Stewart Self - Winner
Gale Storm Self - In Memoriam
Michael Sucsy Self - Nominee
Kiefer Sutherland Self - Presenter
Patrick Swayze Self - In Memoriam
Justin Timberlake Self - Presenter
Anna Torv Self - Presenter
Fred Travalena Self - In Memoriam
Jeanne Tripplehorn Self - Nominee
Cicely Tyson Self - Nominee
Bertram van Munster Self - Winner
Dearbhla Walsh Self - Winner
Kate Walsh Self - Presenter
Sigourney Weaver Self - Nominee & Presenter
Matthew Weiner Self - Winner
James Whitmore Self - In Memoriam
Dianne Wiest Self - Nominee
Kristen Wiig Self - Nominee
Brian Williams Self
Vanessa Williams Self - Nominee
Chandra Wilson Self - Nominee & Presenter
Rainn Wilson Self - Nominee
Johnny Carson Self
Jackie Jackson Self
Jermaine Jackson Self
Marlon Jackson Self
Tito Jackson Self
Leland Orser Self - Audience Member

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