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The Abomination (0)

  • United Kingdom
  • Comedy
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A modern day tale of love, black comedy and scientific daring, The Abomination tells the story of Adam, a man brought back to life by an eccentric but brilliant scientist, Archimedes The Alchemist.


Name Role
Illeana Douglas Merga
Tom Arnold The Alchemist
Jan Anderson Agnes
Charlie Rawes Typhon
Vas Blackwood Hercules
Jenny Miller Daring Diana
Elijah Rowen Michael McCool
Kem Hassan Constable Romeo
Jack Parr Adam
Ivana Radjenovic Anastasia
Lois Brabin-Platt Elizabeth
Funsho Taiwo role of Ade
Tony Fadil Aaron
Nicole Bartlett Antigone
Larry Olubamiwo Adedayo Sunday
Matt Lapinskas Mark
Cassandra French Ursula
Mike Mousicos Sergeant Popeye
Dean Christie The Priest
Chelsea Leigh Macleod Athena
Steve Ward Boris
Omar Shaker Andrea Elia
Yasemin Gravitas Deidree
Tahir Ashraf Mohammed
Hass J Junior Jake

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