April's Fools (2010)

  • USA
  • Drama
  • 2010
2.7 out of 10


April's Fools is a film about Memori "April" Michel a single mother who rises to the top of the escort world after almost becoming homeless and is shot when she is consumed by the very profession she masters...


Name Role
Menyone DeVeaux April
Hymne W. Deveaux Malik
Eric Scott Woods Casper
Miki Howard Maybelle
Andy Prescott Alvin
Monej Cruz Sunshine
Sean Davi Matt
Dean Edwards Now Later
Fred Gaines Jr. Joe
Jason Grasl Nio
Noel Gugliemi Antonio
T Lopez Mai
Ron Ransen Bounty Hunter
Catalina Rodriguez Salina
Jah Shams Head
Dennis L.A. White Tamil

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