Waiting for the Punchline (0)

  • United States
  • Short
  • 0


This short film follows Christy, a girl from the Midwest who moves to L.A. to surprise her comedian boyfriend only to find him with another girl. Now she has to find a new path for herself all while imagining murdering her ex.


Name Role
Christina Marie Leonard Christy
Eddie Blackwell Williams Randy
Evan Sloan J.J.
Rachel Scanlon Colleen
Eve Marlowe Stephanie
Drew Dorsey Ally
Dennis Sosa Steve
Shannon Bengston Comedy Club Patron
Jack Meggers Comedy Club Patron
Scott Schultz Comedy Club Patron
Hallie Newcomer Comedy Club Patron
Daniel Grove Comedy Club Patron
Spencer Gilbreast Comedy Club Patron
Mora Killeen Walker Comedy Club Patron

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