Une aventure New-Yorkaise (2009)

  • France
  • 81
  • Comedy
  • 2009
6 out of 10


A French romantic follows his dream girl to NYC, but a weekend of white lies, one-night-stands and tangled love triangles prove infatuation and romance are not what they seem. Featuring indie darling Greta Gerwig.


Name Role
Jonathan Zaccaï Antoine
Fanny Valette Alice
Ebon Moss-Bachrach Arthur
Greta Gerwig Tamera
Leo Fitzpatrick Nick
Reg E. Cathey Marcus
Caleb Bark Richard
Maria Dizzia Stella
Brittany Angley Featured
J.D. Brown Traveler
Joshua David Brown Real Bike Owner
Catherine Cahill Angry Woman
Timothy J. Cox Profane Guy
Danielle DeSantis Daughter in Central Park
Rashad Demond Edwards Supposed Bike Owner
Lisa Ferreira Warm Up Girl
Amy Flanagan Vera
Martin Gobbee Doorman 2
Jabari Gray Security Guard
Tina Jetter Cookie
Derrick Jones Police Officer
Vanessa Kai Cool Girl
Lucy Kaminsky Film Girl 1
Jesse Kazemek Film office worker
Virginia Kull Film Girl 2
Larissa Laurel Young mother in subway station
Christopher Maggi Police Officer
Jennifer K. Murray Bar dancer
Wade Mylius Bearded Man
Griffin Newman Boyfriend
Romilly Newman Little Girl
An Nguyen Anna
Eliyas Qureshi Taxi Driver
Charlie Sanders Doorman 1
Stephanie Szostak Marie
Henry Yuk Salesman
Margarita Zhitnikova Girlfriend
Ivan Forte Hot Dog Vendor
Nundini Rani Indian Dancer

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