Sex Drugs Guns (2009)

  • United States
  • Drama
  • 2009
6.5 out of 10



Name Role
Chris Dotson Eugene
Ricardo Gil Duayne
Jim Storm Scott Farber
Alec Clawson Eric Farber
Katie Kocis Shelly Farber
Drew Watson Brian
Kelly Costa Rebecca
Chad King Dad
Kelli Nordhus Sarah
Janice Davies Grandma
Megan Pitsios Lindsay
Danny Lerner Tyrone
Lora Kojovic Anka
Brooklin Rogers Platinum Blonde
Ashleigh Kollars Mohawk
Julia Star Brunette
Ginger Miller Blondie
Rico Bueno Pimp
Annie Body Red
Brittany McClosky Girlfriend #1
Lauren Batale Girlfriend #2
Loki Cigar Pimp
Ashleigh Prather Cigar Pimp's Girl
Willam Belli Candy
Rebecca Beluk Ex on Phone
Lea Endres Mom
Paul Norling Commercial Announcer
Thomas Milsom Male Soap Star
Rachel Tiemann Female Soap Star

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