Terminator Genisys (2015)

  • United States, Canada
  • 126
  • Action
  • 2015
6.3 out of 10


When John Connor, leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline.


Name Role
Arnold Schwarzenegger Guardian
Jason Clarke John Connor
Emilia Clarke Sarah Connor
Jai Courtney Kyle Reese
J.K. Simmons O'Brien
Dayo Okeniyi Danny Dyson
Matt Smith Alex
Courtney B. Vance Miles Dyson
Lee Byung-hun Cop / T-1000
Michael Gladis Lt. Matias
Sandrine Holt Detective Cheung
Wayne Bastrup Young O'Brien
Gregory Alan Williams Detective Harding
Otto Sanchez Detective Timmons
Matty Ferraro Agent Janssen
Griff Furst Agent Burke
Ian Etheridge Skynet - 10 Yrs Old
Nolan Gross Skynet - 12 / 14 Yrs Old
Seth Meriwether Skynet - 18 Yrs Old
Afemo Omilami Perry
Teri Wyble Mariam
Kerry Cahill Lt. Whitley
Mark Adam Kyle's Dad
Kerry O'Malley Kyle's Mom
Willa Taylor Young Sarah
James Moses Black Security Guard
Terry Dale Parks Security Guard
Douglas Smith Eric Thompson
Anthony Michael Frederick Lead Cop
Brandon Stacy Uniform Cop
Brett Azar Guardian - Young / Terminator T-800
Douglas M. Griffin Garber
Thomas Francis Murphy Derelict
Joshua Mikel Angry Driver
John Edward Lee Punk
Christion Troxell Punk
Luke Sexton Punk
Aaron V. Williamson Refugee / Terminator
Tony Donno Hospital Security Guard
Ernest Wells Garbage Man
Larry E. Lundy Jr. Hero Guerria
Ross P. Cook Soldier
Christopher Heskey Soldier
Moses Munoz Soldier
Lisa McRee Chat Show Host
Seth Carr Young Boy
Bryant Prince Young Kyle
Natalie Stephany Aguilar Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Andre Allemand Guerilla Soldier
Jerome Andries Officer Fisher
Michael D. Anglin Guerrilla Soldier
John L. Armijo San Francisco Cop #2
Ari Atken Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Mikiah Aubert Girl Playing on Beach
Charles Barber Guerilla Officer
Terri Battee Guerrilla Officer
Sean Beck Pedestrian
Gregory Scott Bedford Biker
Jennifer Bender Receptionist
Eric Berris Guerrilla Soldier
Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr. Officer Cazzuto
David Cleveland Brown Guerilla Soldier
Tom Bui Guerilla Soldier
Carter Burch Guerilla Soldier
Lori Campbell Doctor
John Ceallach Guerrilla Soldier 2
David Michael Cefalu Militia Soldier
Cabran E. Chamberlain School Bus Driver
Kyle Clements Commander Pike Sumner
Kyle Crosby Soldier
Christopher De Stefano Civilian
Neil Durr Guerrilla Soldier
Alexander Eldimiati Soldier
Gillian Alaire Espina Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Matthew Gallagher Commander Hanz
Justin Goldsmith Guerrilla Soldier
Victoria Greene Doctor
Kage Havok Guerrilla Soldier
Bill Heintz Guerrilla Soldier
Shawntae Hughes Prisoner
Lizeth Hutchings Guerilla Soldier
Jeffrey Johnson Refugee
Sergio Kato Guerrilla Officer
Steve Kish Prisoner / Cyberdyne Employee
Douglas Lacey Guerrilla Soldier
Kevin Lapham Cyberdyne Employee
Mark Lavell Beach Goer
Cynthia LeBlanc Hospital Vistor
Elton LeBlanc Doctor
Justin Lebrun Guerrilla Guard
Edgar Leza Detective
Taylor Lissarrague War Prisoner
John Lobato Guerrilla Officer
Mary Lu Marr Tourist
Starlette Miariaunii Prison Rioter
Shamar Milton Cyberdyne Employee
Mahal Montoya Mom on the Beach
Grinnell Morris Sarah's Father
Duane Moseley Cyberdyne Employee
Ethan Myles Guerilla Soldier
Gustavo I. Ortiz Prisoner
Bill Rainey Doctor
Diezel Ramos Guerilla Soldier
Gus Rhodes Cyberdyne Employee
Samantha Sadoff Tiburon Kid on School Bus
William Schaff Cyberdyne Employee / Soldier
Giovanni Silva Soldier
Veronica Viruet Simpson Guerrilla Soldier
Kerry Sims Guerrilla Officer
Nathan O'Neil Smith Officer Schanker
Hannah Spiros School Girl
Todd T Taylor Cop 1
John Teal Jr. Guerrilla Soldier
Erica Teeple Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Dennis Thomas IV Cyberdyne Employee
Joshua Tran Undercover Cop
Joseph Velez Special Agent Romero
Samantha Warren Nurse
Brian Les Weinberger Cyberdyne Corporate Event Employee
Douglas Wilcox II Guerrilla Soldier
Jesse Yarborough Guerrilla Officer
Mitchell Yee Resistance Soldier

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