Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009)

  • United States
  • 103
  • Comedy
  • 2009
4.9 out of 10


In New York City, an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small town Wyoming as part of the Witness Protection Program.


Name Role
Hugh Grant Paul Morgan
Sarah Jessica Parker Meryl Morgan
Natalia Klimas Monique Rabelais
Vincenzo Amato Girard Rabelais
Jesse Liebman Adam Feller
Elisabeth Moss Jackie Drake
Michael Kelly Vincent
Seth Gilliam U.S. Marshal Lasky
Sándor Técsy Anton Forenski
Kevin Dotcom Brown U.S. Marshal Henderson
Steven Boyer U.S. Marshal Ferber
Sharon Wilkins U.S. Marshal King
Sam Elliott Clay Wheeler
Mary Steenburgen Emma Wheeler
Kim Shaw Nurse Kelly
David Call Doc D. Simmons
Dana Ivey Trish Pinger
Wilford Brimley Earl Granger
Gracie Lawrence Lucy Granger
Beth Fowler Ma Simmons
Christopher Atwood U.S. Marshal at Rodeo
Bobbie Bates Dancer
Carol J. Connors Dancer
Brad Dulin Dancer
Laura Fremont Dancer
Michael Higgins Dancer
Brent Keast Dancer
Anthony Marciona Dancer
Sarah Mitchell Dancer
Mandy Moore Dancer
Chris Moss Dancer
Nikole Smith Dancer
Carey Ysais Dancer
George Aloi Benefit Attendee
James P. Anderson Wyoming Shopping Cowboy
Matt Berlin FBI Agent
Audra Blaser Fleishman
Chad Boardsen Cowboy
Robert Anthony Brass Rodeo Cowboy
Chad Brummett Tim
Eriks Chase Rodeo Dancer
Peter Conboy Cowboy
Skippy D Cowboy
Deville Dalton Rodeo Arena Personnel
Chad DeGroot Tom
Maria Diaz Benefit Attendee
Cindy Engle Banquet Guest
Robert Feeley Tire Guy
Stephen Felt Party Attendee
Evelyn Foss Rodeo Arena Personnel
Storm Garner Columbia Law Student
Ronald E. Giles Limping Store Employee
Robert Nathan Gleason Hunter
John Greff Wealthy Attendee at Benefit Party
Billy Griffith Forenski's Bodyguard
Pamela Guthrie Shopper
Audrey Heffernan Meyer Park Avenue Mom
Henry Herman Jack
Nancy Ann Hibbs Rodeo Arena Personnel
Elwood L. Hoyt Mr. Greenshirt
Hristo Hristov Wilson
Ann-Marie Jordan The Benefit Greeter
William James Kelly Gala Fundraiser Attendee
Richard Kimberley Rodeo Cowboy
Ashley Klein Law Student
Daniel Knight FBI Agent in Charge
Aaron Kreltszheim Rodeo Cowboy
Lana Lasater Rodeo Dancer / Cowgirl
Frosty Lawson Affluent Fundraiser
Cynthia Lee Rodeo Fan
Will MacAdam Gun Salesman
John McTasney Rodeo Cowboy
John Mitchell Party Attendee
J.T. O'Connor New Yorker
Adam Owens Rodeo Ticket Booth Attendant
Bryan Payne II Rodeo Arena Personnel
Breanna Perera Rodeo Fan
Raffaello Perfetto Airline Passenger
Chris Ranney US Marshal
Fred Resler Rodeo Arena Personnel
Jay Santiago Diner at Daniel Restaurant
Anne Sergi Rodeo Teenager
Marcie Shaw Rodeo Cowgirl
Steve Shaw Rodeo Cowboy
J. Nathan Simmons Hunter
Andy Sinatra Banquet Guest
Edward Sipler Rodeo Cowboy
Paul Thornton Shopper
Uziman Limousine Driver
Mark Vincent Pilot / Captain
Z. Ray Wakeman Wyoming Rancher
Blake Williams Rodeo Cowboy
Rob Yang Jake

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