Dicktown (2020)

  • USA
  • Animation
  • 2020
6.6 out of 10


Nerdy private detective John Hunchman and his jock sidekick David Purefoy investigate oddball mysteries in their small town.


Name Role
John Hodgman John Hunchman
David Rees David Purefoy
Heather Lawless Waitress
Ronald Peet Tucker
Anna Akana Meg
Obehi Janice Heather Culbreth
Stephen Tobolowsky John's Dad
Catherine Calloway Jenna
Connett Croghan
Tre Alexander Dukes
Preston Flagg Croquet Player
Zach Galifianakis Charlie
Jon Glaser Mark Tagliano
Jean Grae Monica
Hayley Griffith Croquet Player
Randy Havens
Joy Lynn Jacobs Miss Leigh
Mekhai Lee
Janelle McDermoth
Amber Nash Marinello
Griffin Newman Lance
Robb Pruitt Sutton
Dyer Rhoads
Kristen Schaal Kendra
Lovie Simone
Lauren Ashley Smith Croquet Player
Christian Thomason
Janie Haddad Tompkins Emma Bowers
Paul F. Tompkins Loafer Toeknuckle
Janet Varney Tracey

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